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I found this at
I can provide detailed instructions on how to remove the door panels if needed...

Power window fix for 1G DSMs

So you've noticed that your power windows have slowed down a lot, or the window seems to be popping out of its' track and not sealing when it gets to the top of its' travel. This is usually caused by:
∑ Loose fasteners on the window system
∑ Dirty window tracks
The fixes are, in increasing order of difficulty:
1. Clean and lube the rubber channels in the window frame everywhere you can get to them without tearing the door apart. Do this by getting any rubber/vinyl cleaner, putting it on a rag, and wiping the channels until the rag comes out clean. This may take a LOT of cleaning. Then lube with NuVinyl, anti-static ArmorAll, or even dielectric grease (YES, this grease works well and does not gum up if put on VERY lightly and then rubbed off).
2. Remove the door panel, and clean/lube the bottom section of the rubber channels you couldn't get to in #1. This will take raising and lowering the window to get all the areas.
3. Check the bolts that hold the window to the window bracket (this is the potmetal bracket that sandwiches the glass and rides on the guide bar) to make sure they are not loose. This rarely happens, but I have seen it happen.
4. Loosen the bolts that hold the guide bar (the mostly vertical tubular bar that the window bracket rides on) to the door, and move it forward or back to get the window to go up perfectly straight (not a lot of adjustment here, but it doesn't take much).
5. Loosen the window guides (the metal brackets covered in bristly material) a little so they don't push on the window so hard.
Do these in order. If 1 doesn't work, try 2, etc. If you do all of these, you are pretty much guaranteed your windows will work properly (they have on the half-dozen DSMs I have done it to).
I will try to add pics of the above steps the next time I have to work on the windows for a DSM.

For those of you having a problem with your power windows going off
track, I recently had to fix this problem on my car that required a
bit of work to resolve. If your problem is a slow moving window,
a shot of silicone spray in the end guide tracks works great for me.
The problem I'm refering to is related to the window not sealing
properly at the top of its travel. I had a gap at the upper left
corner of the drivers window (viewing it from inside the car).
This applies to 1st gen. cars - don't know about newer cars.

There is a window "lift track" in the center of the door that
allows for adjustment of the window attitude as it ascends and
descends the length of the track. This adjustment entails loosening
the top and bottom securing bolts and moving the track laterally to
change the window attitude. The adjustment is made at the top bolts.
Problem is, there's a *minimal* amount of adjustment (and I mean
minimal). The top two holes are slotted to allow a small amount of
left/right movement of the track which, in my case, wasn't enough to
correct the problem. You may have enough adjustment to correct your
problem and can stop here. In my case, I had to widen the slotted
holes until the right window attitude was achieved. For this I used
a Dremel tool with a grinding bit which took all of a few seconds.
I suppose a rat tail file would be OK too but there's not alot of
room to file.

The final adjustment is really trial and error of adjusting the
lift track, then observing the window along its travel as you raise
and lower it until you've got things just right. Keep at it until
there's no binding of the window along its travel and you get a nice
tight seal at the top. While you're in there, give the end guide
tracks a shot of silicone spray. Worked wonders for me.
(Best attempt at ASCII representation follows):

Window travel (up/down along lift track)
----------- (Widen the slots at these two bolts
\ \ for increased adjustment travel)
<-- \ o o \ --> Lateral adjustment changes window attitude
\ \
\ \
\ lift \
\ track \ o = Bolts
\ \
\ \
\ \
\ \
\ o o \ (Loosen these bolts to adjust. This is
\ \ just a pivot point for the track)

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