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> 2 Maintenance Schedules?
post Dec 6 2012, 10:53 AM
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My 07 Eclipse 3.8 liter is rapidly approaching 60k miles. I live in IL, and am wondering if the timing belt needs to be changed at 60k, and when should the auto tranny fluid be changed? Reading the service schedule is confusing. It might say to change the belt at 60k or 105k don't know which for sure. Also I can't really find when to change the tranny fluid??? Pretty sure the anti-freeze should be changed at 60k. Guess that makes 3 questions.

Thanks for any advice.
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post Dec 6 2012, 03:23 PM
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theres actually 3 schedules

one for normal service

one for severe service

and one for california...

obviously unless you live in cali..you can ignore that one

normal and severe descriptions are in the manual..if you check those and see if you fall under the described conditions..

me personally..i would drain and refill the coolant and tranny every 30K and full replacement at 60k(unless a cvt or the 6 speed that uses the diaqueen
J2 type) --or a manual then its probably gear oil and i would just drain and refill that at 60k

the timing belt would be a good idea at 60k-but most mitsus will go to the 105 and if you do the t-belt a water pump and thermostat and all new coolant would be a good idea..

spark plugs are iridium iirc..so they probably dont need to be done till 100k at least

oil changes (my personal mitsu) i use semi synthetic and change it from 5-6000 miles..at the same time i rotate and balance the tires

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