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> 03 Montero Limited Rear Speaker Removal
post May 28 2008, 02:15 PM
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I need assistance and guidance to remove and replace the rear (cargo area) speakers. One of them (driver side) is blown and I can't listen to the radio or CD without the noise background.
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post Nov 9 2011, 01:51 AM
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Just did my 05...should be the same, though mine has the infinity system. The 8" subwoofer is not a parts store or best buy item. Remember that.
Anyhow, heres the steps.
1. fold the second row seats forward.
2. lift the third row seat up and forward.
3. remove the trim just on the inside of the lower hatch seal. there are 3 little covers the snap ofF on the front side, then the whole thing pops off.
4. remove the lower left tie down. there is 1 bolt underneath the cover, then remove that little section of carpet it just pops off.
5. remove the 17 millimeter seat belt bolt.
6. remove the grab handle near the roof. there are 2 screws the covers just pop off
7. remove the entire upper trim piece, it just pops straight off. if you slide the rear seat belt all the way through the rear hole, you should be able to maneuver it out of the way.
8. remove the 3 screws that you just uncovered for the lower trim piece, and the 2 screws that were underneath the small piece of carpet. you should now be able to pop off the lower trim panel far enough to access the speaker. (note: you can fold the 3rd row seat back down of it helps with this). it is held in with 4 10mm bolts. try not to drop any or you may never see them again.

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post Dec 16 2012, 05:49 PM
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thanks Just to add a few tips regarding subwoofer removal, just did today. First of all, I purchased the kicker brand 8 inch subwoofer from crutchfield, 4 ohm. It was 50 dollars, not bad. The red/yellow wire is the positive from the old wire harness which has to be cut. Have at least 5 self taping sheet metal screws on hand prior to removal as this (or many) subwoofers will not align with old bolt pattern. I put a bead of silicon on sub where meets sheet metal of vehicle. Then (i did not have self taping screws), pre drill 3 holes and screw new sub to vehicle. you could add more screws but i thought 3 would be enough, plus silicon. As other posters suggested I had purchased a trim tool kit from harbor freight for 6.00 and it helped a lot. It's not too bad a job. Other notes, you do want to remove 3rd row seat, you don't want your wife or children nearby as they might here a few cuss words (I made up a few knew ones as well).

Other tips: If you are considering replacing your head unit it's not too bad to install yourself. I would recommend buying one from crutchfield as you can use toll free tech line if you run into a problem. I bought Dual XML8150 Digital from crutchfield. It's not super high end deck but sounds great and does a lot (why spend more???) it has no cd player but has arm with which one can dock iphone, ipod with no cables needed. also need to purchase from crutchfield the mitsubishi wire harness. Do search on youtube 'how to install stereo in montero limited' there is vid where guy shows how to remove plastic wood panel (2 screws and pry on sides). I have two montero limited suv's first deck took one hour to install, I bought a second and it took only 15 mintues to install. you should have trim tool kit for this job also. love the new media deck which also had sd card slot, usb, and accys plug, bluetooth for phone, etc, etc. In all I put in two new head units (i have 2 montero limited) and replaced a subwoofer for 180.00 not too bad, thanks crutchfield.
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