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> Custom Lighting, Ways of improving the standard vehicle lighting, interior & exteri
post Feb 14 2012, 06:41 PM
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Location: Brisbane
Drives: Outlander LS 2003 Offroad Beastie!

I have posted some of this material under other topics, but am looking to see how others have changed the standard lighting (both inside & out) of the Outlander to suit thier personal tastes or needs.

Thus far, the exterior lighting modifications I have completed are as follows:
1. Changed the original 55/60W low/high beam lamps to higher spec of 60/100W for improved night vision
2. Added four 130W spot lights across the front (the bullbar mounts help) bringing a total of 720W of high beam lighting. This is mainly due to me travelling in the Australian outback regularly, now I can see kangaroos and other wildlife in the distance for at least 700m at night.
3. Replaced standard parking light bulbs with high intensity White LEDs.
4. Added LED clearance light bars to each side of the lower front bumper bar. These look neat, but are also handy for driving in fog, or simply as daytime running lights.
5. Added LED lighting underneath each side of the roof rack bars. White facing front, red brake & amber indicators facing rearward.
6. Added 10mm Amber LED side indicator flashers to the front mud flaps for better visibility when changing lanes or turning from the side.
7. Incorporated Red high intensity LEDs intot he rear bumper bar reflectors (the ones underneath the main taillights). Used as daytime running lights & nighttime clearance lights.
8. Incorporated White high intensity LEDs into the sides of the tail light red lens area. These are on as clearance lights with my parking lights, but are wired to flash alternately with my turn signals.
9. Changed the rear licence plate bulb with a white CFFL for improved clarity at night.

The interior additions are as follows:
1. Changed the standard white lighting behind the speedometer for blue with LEDs.
2. Changed the standard white clock lighting for blue LEDs.
3. Changed the Airconditioner standard white control lighting for blue LEDs.
4. Added blue LED "mood" lighting underneath the dash area centre console section. Not visible fromt he driver or passenger seats, simply adds a blue glow around your feet at night.
5. Incorporated high intensity white LEDs into the rear courtesy lamp for improved back seat/cargo area lighting.
6. Added a halogen swivel light over the cargo area to improve available light for loading & unloading tools at night. This is also a great addition when camping.

I have included a few photos below showing these modifications & additions. If anyone wants specifications for any of these lighting mods, or "how to" instructions just ask.

I would love to see what other people have done with regard to the lighting systems on the Outlander. It might give me some more ideas.....

Attached File  White_LED_s.jpg ( 148.68K ) Number of downloads: 54

White LED bars & Parking lights from front

Attached File  Reflector_LEDs.JPG ( 372.71K ) Number of downloads: 65

Red LEDs fitted into the Reflectors in the rear bumper

Attached File  Tail_LEDs.JPG ( 364.73K ) Number of downloads: 53

Rear Tail Lamp/Turn Signal LEDs

Attached File  Mudflap_Turn_Signals.jpg ( 34.81K ) Number of downloads: 47

Amber Turn signal LEDs fitted into front Mudflaps (flaps swapped from the rear of the car to the front)

Attached File  Mood_Lights.jpg ( 328.76K ) Number of downloads: 46

Cabin Mood Lighting

Attached File  Rear_Cabin_Courtesy_Light.jpg ( 147.45K ) Number of downloads: 50

Rear Courtesy Lamp LEDs & Halogen Swivel Lamp

Attached File  Rear_Cabin_Courtesy_Light_Fitted.jpg ( 256.78K ) Number of downloads: 36

Cargo area Swivel Lamp (searchign for a cost effective LED bulb repalcement...)
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post Feb 15 2012, 01:18 PM
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Location: Oregon
Drives: 2008 Nissan Quest/ 05 Outlander AWD

Nice information here. I really appreciate all the details that you have done and be able to give us an idea of what we can do with ours as well. I really like the courtesy light mod and the cargo light as well. I think I will attempt to do this but in my opinion, there's just too much LED lighting going on on your car especially the front side. It looks like it can blind incoming drivers. Great job!
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post Dec 9 2012, 11:56 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 36
Joined: 10-March 11
Member No.: 101,768
Status: Offline
Location: Brisbane
Drives: Outlander LS 2003 Offroad Beastie!

The addition of LED lights into the bumper-mounted reflectors is simple:
1. Remove the two retaining screws inside the underside of the bumper (each side) which hold the reflector assemblies into place.
2. Drill & fit high intensity LED's into the black section of the reflector housing - ensure they work and are in the correct position to be viewed from the rear.
3. Fit the reflectors back into position
4. Lift the tailgate and remove two screws (each side) holding the taillight assemblies into position, carefully remove the taillights from the car
5. Access the loom (need a multimeter/test lamp) and locate the taillight wires
6. Tap into the loom (how is really up to you) and connect the LED wiring
7. Refit taillight assemblies, and enjoy!

By the way, I have fixed a few of the dodgy LED fittings (ones I was really only experimenting with anyhow) with higher quality LED fittings.

Here's a selection:
White Front-facing LED bars
Attached File  White_Fronts.jpg ( 341.55K ) Number of downloads: 23

All Front LED Bars Explained
Attached File  Outty_Front_LEDs.jpg ( 206.24K ) Number of downloads: 18

Blue Interior 'Mood lighting'
Attached File  All_Blue_Mood_Lighting.jpg ( 272.07K ) Number of downloads: 16

Blue Interior 'Mood Lighting' from passenger side
Attached File  Mood_Lighting_From_Passenger_Side.jpg ( 222.21K ) Number of downloads: 19

Revised Dash LED Backlighting (No more 'bright spots' now) including Red manual shift backlight
Attached File  All_LED_Check.jpg ( 196.69K ) Number of downloads: 26

Daytime vs Night Time Dash Cluster
Attached File  Day_vs_Night.jpg ( 199.73K ) Number of downloads: 21

Centre Colsole Interior Lighting
Attached File  Centre_Console_Lighting.jpg ( 198.98K ) Number of downloads: 23

Centre Cluster - showing Android Tablet Location & Reversing Camera
Attached File  Console_Blue.JPG ( 237.2K ) Number of downloads: 22

New Underbody LED Bars (White under front, Amber under sides - turn signals only, Red under rear)
Attached File  Outty_Underbody_LEDs.jpg ( 1.41MB ) Number of downloads: 22

New Rear Turn Signal LED Bars above Taillights
Attached File  Rear_Taillight_Turn_Signal_LEDs.jpg ( 93.09K ) Number of downloads: 14

Needless to say, the under body LED strips do not do a whole lot during the day, but come dusk......Oh Yeah!

And in case anyone is wondering, ALL LED's on the vehicle look great at night, but are NOT too bright for on-coming motorists.
I have complied with local regulations & traffic laws (in Queensland, Australia the traffic regs state that only White, Amber & Red lights may be used facing front, side, and rear respectively)

The 00UTY is getting a few more kilometres under the belt now.....
Attached File  345678.jpg ( 100.5K ) Number of downloads: 12
Attached File  353333.jpg ( 250.41K ) Number of downloads: 12

currently sitting on 357000 and still going........
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