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> Upgrade Options For The 3G
post Nov 22 2005, 10:13 AM
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Got Boost? Me Either

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Drives: 2003 Red Eclipse GT

For all you guys and girls out there who want to do modifications to their 3G, I have made a list of a number of parts that you can start with. These are parts that I would recommend. If there are other parts that you want, don't let me stop you from getting them. Remember, it is YOUR car.

You will notice that not all of these modifications will increase your HP. Some will increase handling and braking. You will also notice that I will not list any stereo systems, undercar neons, decals, body kits, or any other visual mods. These mods are strictly for the performance of the car.


First and foremost, I want to get this out of the way. THERE IS NOT CHIP MADE FOR THE 3G. THE PIECES OF CRAP THAT ARE SOLD ON EBAY ARE A JOKE. THE JET MODULES CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. THROTTLE BODY SPACERS WILL DO NOTHING BUT LIGHTEN YOUR WALLET. SO WILL ELECTRIC SUPERCHARGERS AND THE "TURBONATOR". If you want to spend your money on these, you can feel free to send that money to me. You will get the same reward out of it.


With that being said, we will start with the most basic mods then work up....


AEM/Injen/K&N - These three CAI are basically the same. You won't go wrong with either one of the three you decide to buy. You may hear people talk about CAI vs. WAI. Neither one is better than the other. They will both give you about the same HP gains. Some people say that a WAI is louder so they like that better. Either way you want to go will be good. The only advise I will give you is to STAY AWAY FROM EBAY INTAKES. These intakes usually are crap and will not fit.

You can usually get the name brand intakes from most online vendors. Check with www.wesellcarparts.com for RELIABLE and GOOD pricing on intakes.


There are a number of manufacturers that make exhausts for the 3G. GReddy, JIC, Apex'i, HKS, Borla, Magnaflow, Injen, Razzi(dual exhaust), and Invidia. All of these, with the exception of the HKS, are full cat-back exhausts. You can also get most of these from www.wesellcarparts.com. Exhausts are ok to get from Ebay, but research the seller before buying, just make sure you are NOT buying a knock off or "Greddy STYLE exhaust", STYLE meaning - knock off.

And to make things better, any exhaust that is made for the 2G GS-T(not GSX) will also fit the 3G with minor modifications. These modifications can be made by a muffler shop for very cheap.

These exhaust will give you next to nothing in the performance aspect, but they will make the car sound awesome. Not the raspy, **** off bubble bee sound that the local ricers sound like. These exhaust produce a low, mellow, deep tone.

You will need to know whether your 3G is a fed-spec or a cali-spec eclipse. If you have a 02+, then you have a cali-spec.

If you have a 2000 or 2001 eclipse, use the following methods to figure out which you have...

On the GT, the easiest is to slide under the front of the car, near the passenger tire. Look up. If you see a big bulky rectangular thing with some pipes coming out of it, you've got Cali emissions. If don't, you've got fed emmissions.

The second way involves looking at some numbers and appears to be valid for 2000 model year Eclipses only. Pop the hood of the car. There is a sticker on the firewall behind the engine. It's behind the intake plenum, on the plenum's passenger side. On that sticker is a series of numbers and letters. If the 2nd to last number is a 9, you've got Cali emissions. If it's a 4, you've got a Fed spec car.

IF you have a fed-spec eclipse, then you will have to have modifications made to the exhaust for it to fit on your car. If you have a cali-spec, then the exhausts will be bolt-on.



This is where things start getting a little more difficult. I will try to explain this the best way I can. There are two types of headers: Long-tube headers and Short-tube headers. Long-tube headers will give you more HP gain but will also be more expensive than their Short-tube counterparts.

We will start with the Long-tube headers. There are three manufacturers who make long-tube headers for the 3G: Hytech, RIPP Mods, and RPW.

Hytech are the most expensive, running you about $1900. However, they will give you the most HP gain. I have seen gains of 40whp from these headers. These headers are not currently being produced anymore. You can either buy them used or contact Hytech and have them make you a set. Hytech currently only has the headers for the V6. Sorry 4cyl guys. SC-Customs has a set of Ceramic coated HyTech Headers on their Supercharged Eclipse, so ask them for advice if you choose this system. www.sc-customs.com

RIPP Mods also sells long-tube headers for the 3G. They will run you about $1200(V6) and they are said to give you around 30whp. However, I have seen many people get 10whp from these headers. www.rippmods.com

RPW also sells long-tube headers for the V6. They can be purchased from RPW directly (which is in Australia) or through www.tearstone.com


Now for the short-tube headers, there are more manufacturers. Megan, DCSports, XIR, and CMF are all common and basically the same header produced from the same chinese manufacturer. EBay has the same header all over, so it's really nothing special. These headers are produced with limited research/developed, sound VERY raspy, and scavenge. RPW also makes a set of headers for the 4cyl. They are well designed headers and will probably give you the most HP from the short-tube headers. They can be found at www.tearstone.com

OBX makes a pretty crappy header for the 3G. But its cheap, so that is also an option.


If you decide to get headers for your 3G, you will likely need some type of electronic fuel management unit to tune the engine. Headers normally tend to make the 3G run rich.


DO NOT BUY A SAFC CONTROLLER FOR A 3G ECLIPSE. It will do NOTHING as the ECU will automoatically adjust to auto-correct over the settings being fed into it. Your option is either EManage, full stand-alone, or having your ECU Rom re-flashed with a new pre-programmed .bin file.

e-Manage is an inexpensive programmable fuel management system that allows you to properly tune your factory fuel system without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit. The e-Manage system is a universal "piggy-back" type unit which taps into most Japanese factory ECU wiring, by utilizing the existing sensors. Basic functions will allow the user to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle ( 20% at 5 preset RPM points) by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. For Honda VTEC cars you can adjust the VTEC shift point. Additional features are built into the system but are only accessible through the use of the e0-1 programmer or our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (Please see our Authorized GReddy Support Dealers for more information). There is a 16x16 airflow adjustment map, larger main injector correction adjustment, upgrade air flow meter adjustment, boost limiter cut, anti-engine stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, real-time map trace, real-time display, real-time communication and basic Data-logging. With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 injector duty cycle map and the controls for adding up to 2 additional sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harness" and the software are used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 ignition timing map. All of the above maps can also be map-traced in real-time as well. If the factory range of map or airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorporate our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressure Harness" to set larger scales of adjustment.

It can be found at www.tearstone.com

After that, the next step is the GReddy Emanage Ultimate.

In addition to standard e-manage airflow-based adjustments, the Ultimate version includes new and upgraded features. Included is a PC-based Ultimate Support Tool software CD, with an easy-to-use Parameter Set-up, tab menu format and speedy USB communication. Ultimate has improved direct Map control for adding and subtracting Fuel and Ignition. The ability to switch between 2 preset tuning Maps (i.e. Street or Race program) via externally mounted toggle switches. There are Maps for Individual cylinder adjustment for both Fuel and Ignition. There are also options to convert injection and ignition systems (i.e. group or sequential injection and group or individual fire ignition.) An Airflow Output Map option even allows for airflow meter elimination. And when used with a wideband A/F Meter, the Air Fuel Target Map can self-tune an Injector base tuning Map, to speed up initial tuning. There are also built-in Boost, Rev and Speed Limiter-Cut features. To create super smooth operation, there are various fine tuning Correction Maps to adjust for Throttle Acceleration, Vehicle Speed, Water Temp, Intake Temp, Auto Trans Shift, Anti Engine Stall, and Idle. To further aid in tuning, e-manage Ultimate's improved integrated Monitoring, Map Tracing and Datalogging features far exceed any other piggyback controller on the market. Even when not connected to the software, 8 channels of datalogging (at 20msec intervals) can be recorded and stored to be reviewed later. With the Support Tool connected, over 30 channels can be covered. Other new features include: Improved RPM recognition, Warning Settings, Password Protection for individual tuning Maps, NVCS (Nissan), VTEC (Honda), O2 Feed-back, Clean Fouled Plugs, and numerous others in future updates.


There are a number of standalones available for the 3G. However, none are specifically made for the V6 and only the AEM EMS is designed for the 4cyl auto. If you decide to go with one of these, you will need to do custom connections for the harnesses. It has been done before, so it's not impossible. Haltech also makes a FANTASTIC unit, however - it is pricey. If you plan on stand-alone, odds are the cost isn't an issue so I would highly recommend Haltech.



There are many different combinations you can go with on suspension. The most common is the KYB AGX or KYB GR-2. These can be found at www.wesellcarparts.com

You could also look into Koni or Tokico for shocks.


You can also look into Eibach Sportsline, Tein S-tech, Tein H-tech, or Intrax. I personally liek Intrax and have used them on MULTIPLE vehicles for WELL over 10 years.

You will see the coilover sleeves all over eBay or through various vendors that you can use with lowering springs. DO NOT buy them as they are nothing more than a manual way to lower your car. This will put extra strain on your struts causing them to blow in time. Additionally, your car will ride like ****. If you think a coilover can be had for less than $50, then you deserve the damage that comes along with it.

True Coilovers

True Coilovers are JIC, Megan, Apex-I, or Tein. A full set will range from $800-$1500 depending on brand you select.

Suspension Bars

The factory strut brace on the front is the best available and does not need to be upgraded. If you still feel you want an upgrade, look for a DCSport front bar. They are now discountinued, but the best alternative. ANything else with "pivot points" will flex and provide NO upgrade and in fact, are a downgrade.

Rear Strut Brace is bst if you use the RRE (Road Race Engineering) or if you get lucky and find a DCSport Rear bar.

Motor Mounts

For motor mounts, Deyeme makes all four(front, rear, and both sides) in flex or firm. These are direct replacements of the stock mounts. No pressing or cutting required.

Tricky part is, Deyeme doesn't advertise the mounts as for the Eclipse. They advertise them as for the 2001-2005 Stratus/Sebring Coupe, which is almost the same car as the Eclipse. Go to the following page and choose "2001-2005 Stratus/Sebring Coupe" from the drop-down menu on the left hand side.



There are also several combinations of brakes that you can go with. The most common rotors used are the Powerslot slotted rotors. You can also look into Baer, Stoptech, and Brembos, but they are very expensive. Another warning....STAY AWAY FROM EBAY CROSS-DRILLED/SLOTTED ROTORS. They are crap and the WILL crack which will cause major health risks. This is one part that you do not want to go cheap on. As I saw someone say on another forum, "Do you want to trust your life on the cheapest part you could find?"

As for brake pads, I've heard good things about Hawk, Porterfield, and AXxis. The Hawk HPS pads dust alot but have excellent performance. I have them along with the Powerslot rotors, and I love them.


LSD - Limited Slip Differential

There are two major LSDs made for the 3G: Quaife and Kaaz. Quaife is the most expensive but provides a lifetime warranty on the LSD, even if its damaged from racing. You could find them almost anywhere on the internet.


There are a number of clutch manufacturers that make clutches for the 3G. Most notably are ACT and SPEC. You won't go wrong with whichever one you get. Two notes though. First, Exedy makes STOCK replacement clutches. So going with an Exedy stage 1, you are basically putting another stock clutch in. Second, if you plan on going with a Stage 3 clutch, you might as well go ahead and buy a LSD to go with it. There have been a number of guys that put a Stage 3 clutch in and destroyed their stock differential. If you destroy your stock differential, most likely, you will also damage your transmission because of the broken pieces of metal flying around.

High Stall Torque Converter(Autos Only)

Ian(Rezlo) makes awesome torque converter for the automatic tranny guys. He has had many, many happy customers. Search around his page for more information.


Intake Manifold

Now if you have plans of going with a turbo or supercharger, one upgrade that would help out would be to upgrade from the stock intake manifold. For the GT V6, there are a couple of options. You can choose between the GTS intake manifold, the Diamante VRX intake manifold, or the RPW intake manifold.

You can probably find the GTS manifold and Diamante manifold at a junkyard or from a dealer. You can purchase the RPW manifold from RPW or Tearstone(sales@tearstone.com)

GT to GTS intake manifold swap

Diamante Intake Manifold Swap Explained Briefly

For the 4cyl guys, RPW also makes an intake manifold for the 4cyl. It can also be purchased from RPW or Tearstone(sales@tearstone.com).

Engine Building

There are tons of combinations that you can do when deciding to build your engine(if you decide to go that way). The ONLY manufacturer that has stepped up to the plate for many of the engine internals is RPW.

Here is a list of items they sell:

RPW Billeted Camshaft
Vernier Camshaft Gears
Valve Springs
Stock conrod modifications
8mm ARP conrod bolt kits
Shot Peened conrods
Forged steel conrods
Hypereutectic Pistons Stock CR 9.0:1
Hastings Piston Rings
Forged Pistons
RPW Ported & Polished Heads Stage 1
RPW Ported & Polished Heads Stage 2
RPW Heavy Duty head gasket
ARP Main Stud kit
ARP Head Stud kit

RPW can also make custom camshafts to your specs.

For more information on these, you can either email them at rpwinfo@iinet.net.au or email Russ(tearstone) at sales@tearstone.com . Russ is a US retailer of RPW.

V6 Engine parts
V6 Short Block Race Engine
4cyl Engine parts

Russ also sells pre-built 4cyl race blocks but he doesn't have them added to his site yet.

Now for the good stuff.

Forced Induction(Turbo/Supercharger)

It is possible to turbo or supercharge the 3G eclipse. There are kits for both. It is your own decision as to which one you want to go with. Both have their advantages and both have their disadvantages. Please read this page.. Difference Between Turbo and Supercharger


First, please read this article How Turbo's Work. Also, PLEASE pick up a book called "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell. It is available from Barnes and Noble. These two documents will give you a basic understanding of turboing a car. It will also give you an understanding of how a turbo works. I can't stress this enough...do your research before attempting putting a turbo on your car. You have heard many horror stories of engines blowing from turbos. The turbos DID NOT cause this. It was the operator not knowing what they were doing. You can easily destroy your engine if you don't understand what you are doing.

Don't be scared off by the previous paragraph. Turboing a car isn't rocket science. It can get complicated at times, but with research, it can be overcame.

4cyl Engine

The 4cyl engine is an excellent engine to turbo. If you find yourself feeling down because you could "only" get the 4cyl....hold that head up. I'm sure you have heard of the awesome, spectacular 4G63t engine that is in the 1G/2G GST/GSX. Well guess what, you pretty much have a stroked 4G63t. The two engines are very very similar. The 4cyl engine(commonly referred to as the 4G64) can handle up to about 17-18psi on the stock internals. This is excellent considering this engine was never meant to see boost.

V6 Engine

Well GT guys, I'm sorry but I can't say the same about the GT engine. It is a great engine, very similar to the VR4, twin turbo, 3000GT engine, but the pistons are crap. Pistons from Autozone are better than the crappy ones that Mitsu put into this engine. The engine can run safely at about 8psi on the stock engine. 10psi is pushing it, 12psi is walking a very thin line. The first thing that will go is the pistons. Now once the pistons are replaced, the rest of the engine is pretty strong.

But don't feel bad, because the GTS guys have it even worse. Since the GTS has 10:1 CR pistons, it cannot handle more than 5-6psi before the pistons go. IF YOU ARE WANTING TO TURBO A GTS, YOU NEED TO REPLACE THE PISTONS BEFORE YOU EVEN START.

Oh, and forget about trying to piece together a custom kit. You will spend more money piecing it together than if you would have bought a kit.


RIPP Mods has a supercharger kit for both the 4cyl and V6 engines. Most of the information is on their site so there is no need in me repeating it here. However, there is one thing I would like to say. You will see HP numbers on their site regarding their SDS kits. These are CRANK HP NUMBERS NOT WHEEL HP NUMBERS. There is a big difference.


All RIPP's SDS kits require an aftermarket headers.

This is my spill for all the n00bs to look at. If I forgot something, my bad. I seem to do that alot.

If you plan on doing these mods yourself, I suggest taking a look at the online service manual.

If you are looking for more websites....here is another List

RPW's Eclipse Webpage

All RPW parts are available through Tearstone or you can email Russ at sales@tearstone.com.


I am not responsible for you modding your car, parts breaking on your car, or any use of this information that results in something bad happening to you. This writeup is for information purposes only and I will not be held responsible for your own mistakes. Have fun modding your 3G eclipse.

Last edits made by SC-Customs on 5/31/08
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post Nov 26 2006, 07:08 PM
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Is RAZZI dual pipe or dual exit?
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post Nov 30 2006, 04:19 PM
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Got Boost? Me Either

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QUOTE(DeePee @ Nov 26 2006, 08:08 PM)
Is RAZZI dual pipe or dual exit?

dual exit, i believe. i believe it is a Y pipe right after the rear axle
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post Feb 2 2008, 06:20 PM
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hey thank you for all the info i have been wanting to do upgrades and i think over time when i get the money i will do every you talked about with a few other things but i did want to know what you think about the 6G72/74 Short Block is this importan if i want to put in more then 12 psi of boost and if i do put this in what do you think it can haddle 20+psi and with all that boost do you think i will ever get traction with my tires.
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post Mar 3 2008, 11:04 PM
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For both the 4cyl and 6cyl, CMF headers are also available. I slapped a pair of these custom headers on my 4cyl and its a world of a difference. They can be purchased at Eclipseforums.org, or cmfabrications.com
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post Mar 12 2008, 04:16 PM
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www.erzperformance.com has some parts for the 3G's fair prices the major plus is that they have free shipping on almost everything

now i just need cash so i can get stuff for my car lol
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post Mar 26 2008, 02:02 PM
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QUOTE(CatbackRS @ Mar 3 2008, 11:04 PM)
For both the 4cyl and 6cyl, CMF headers are also available. I slapped a pair of these custom headers on my 4cyl and its a world of a difference. They can be purchased at Eclipseforums.org, or cmfabrications.com

If you consider waiting for a product not everyone receives (feel free to research CMF) and chinese made headers, then by all means - by them. But, they do NOT produce any gains and only produce rasp. Prove me wrong with a dyno sheet comparison of before/after - not just personal opinion from your butt dyno.

I'll go ahead and post this screenshot up here since the post was QUICKLY deleted on .org and I was banned for exposing his scams.

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post Mar 26 2008, 06:16 PM
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Got Boost? Me Either

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Drives: 2003 Red Eclipse GT

I will agree with SC. I was banned from the ORG site years and years ago for posting about the scam that is The Governator. There have been SOOOOO many people burned by him and the other people who owned that site. BUY CMF PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Don't say that you weren't warned when, after 6 months after payment, you still don't have what you ordered, and The Governator doesn't answer your PMs, doesn't respond to your email, and doesn't answer the phone at his "shop".
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post Jul 8 2015, 07:13 AM
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Thanks for sharing. This post gives me a good place to start researching.
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