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  1. Clicking or grinding

    2G (2007+) Outlander
    I have a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander with 180000 km it seems only when it's freezing outside when I accelerate out of a corner or parking lot I hear a clicking or grinding sound it sounds like it's in the rear end left side any suggestions
  2. Engine Light! How To Check The Code?

    Carisma Forum
    Hi all, Ok so today it has been a bad day and i just got to find out that the car has some problem :( The issue is: I turn on the car, i dont drive but idle for a few minutes and then the rpm goes to 1500 and the check engine light turns on. How to check the error code? I read something...
  3. Mpg/kms On A Full Tank

    L300, L400, Delica, Exceed & Starwagon Forum
    Hey all, My van is pretty **** uneconomical.. and I'm trying to figure out if its meant to be as bad as it is. I doubt it a bit.. It seems im averaging around 230-260kms a tank around the city. Seems waaaayy worse than it should be. 2L 1990 L400 4wd. What do you guys get on a tank, both city...
  4. Outlander Balance Shaft Failure

    Airtrek & Outlander Forum
    Has anyone else suffered a Balance Shaft Failure? Mitsubishi tell me there are no replacement parts in the UK and it will take 8 weeks to arrive by sea presumably from Japan. They say it is not carried in the UK due last of storage space!!!!!!! How many other people are waiting like this. The...
  5. MMCodingWriter - free software for change ETACS/ECU coding

    Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    Hello all! Introduce a free software for change hidden options (coding) Mitsubishi vehicles (Lancer X 2007 - present time) Support all vehicles, where present ETACS starting 8637A318 and furhter. (including some Peugeot/Citroen models) Support all J2534-compatible adapters (tested on Toyota...