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I need help

I have a 2009 lancer gts. I'm going to try and make this short so here it goes, I recently got this car and i love it but i went to the mechanic to get it checked out because i knew it had some problems but i didn't know what exactly. They told me that it needed new upper control arms, they tried charging me 800 to do it. So i decided I'd do it myself, Im not the best mechanic but i know my way around. I looked online to see what an upper control arm looks like and I found one on AutoZone. The only problem is i can't find it on my car. I've looked up video on howto change them and other vehicles are different. Then i saw a video on how to change the struts on a mazda and the suspension looked very similar to mine. The guy in the video said that the struts in the kind of suspension that car has also act as a control arm. So now I'm thinking am i going to have to get new struts? Or am i just blind and can't see the upper control arm. If anyone could please help me out and message me or reply to this post with some advice.
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