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  1. Looking to buy 95 - 99 Eclipse

    1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    Base, gst, or gsx?
  2. Timing Belt Changing Milage

    Eclipse Forum
    definately replace the timing belt now
  3. 92 Stealth (3000gt) Erractic RPM Gauge ?

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    do you have a check engine light on?
  4. '95 tach intermittent now

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    What repairs were done?
  5. Need help on what years match on the Eclipse

    Eclipse Forum
    i believe all the parts you inquired about above are totally different between the first and second gen models :(
  6. 94 3000gt sl

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    should be normal rotors
  7. 1992 3000GT SL Engine noise

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    is the timing belt loose?
  8. 95 3000gt VR4 engine issues

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    Definately sounds like the timing is off
  9. Radio Code

    Colt & Mirage
    very old thread indeed plus you also need the vin number to get the code... all you got to do is contact mitsubishi motors of north america to get your code... they will actually email it to you
  10. 1998 Eclipse GST Problems.

    1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    any update yet?
  11. 1993 Magna Weird radio issue

    Diamante, Magna, Sigma & Verada Forum
    that is really odd as fm usually is not affected by electrical interference unlike am... is it the factory radio?
  12. 98 3000gt Location of the O2 sensors?

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    both of those sensors are going to be downstream and located after the catalytic converter on this car.... rough idle and dies at stopsigns etc.... hmmmm does the car seem to be lacking power? the catalytic converter could be bad and that would cause those sensors to appear bad when in fact they...
  13. 2008 Automatic Pajero Stuck in Park-Shift lock release??

    Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    any luck figuring it out?
  14. 3000gt vr4 need advice . Looking to Buy

    3000GT & GTO Forum
    good buy
  15. New Member

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Hello :)
  16. hello everyone

    New Member Area/Introduction
    welcome aboard
  17. Greetings from Puerto Rico

    New Member Area/Introduction
    welcome :)
  18. space wagon 1999 obd question

    Chariot, Grandis, Nimbus & Space Wagon Forum
    does it give an error message or say cant connect? perhaps check out this video
  19. 2003 Eclipse 2.4L running hot

    3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    thanks for posting the resolution to the problem
  20. 2003 Eclipse "O2 sensor" Code help

    3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Its definatly going to be an upstream sensor... One that is before the catalytic converter... I believe bank 2 is against the fire wall if im not mistaken
1-20 of 156 Results