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  1. Question about artistic paint work.

    Interiors and Exteriors
    UV specific clear coat should protect the paint underneath from UV damage. Quite often it is found in small spray cans as part of quality headlight re-finishing kits (wet sand -> clear coat kits) but you would need a larger amount than that. Would need to find a better source locally for it.
  2. Looking for Shocks - N84W Chariot 1999

    Chariot, Grandis, Nimbus & Space Wagon Forum
    Just doing a quick check the closest cousin in the US was the Dodge Colt Vista and it will axed long before 1999. This vehicle was never popular here and supporting parts will probably be very rare.
  3. gt mitzy 3000 tcu

    New Member Area/Introduction
    RPW (Racing performance works) is about the only company I have heard of from your area of the globe with real Mitsubishi experience. Quickly checking their website I don't see anything about 3000GT info but considering their Mitsu background they might have a good idea of who can help you.
  4. L200 drive getting noisy

    L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Diff mount bushings sounds like the source of a few of your issues.
  5. Key for canopy

    L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    A semi-skilled locksmith could also make a key from scratch.
  6. 1992 value

    Eclipse Forum
    1.8L isn't an engine that is typical sougt after, the Mitsu's most sought after engine is usually the 2.0L 4G63T
  7. Jerking when accelerating & decelerating

    Airtrek & Outlander Forum
    Bad tie rods, bad ball joints, bad bushings almsot anywhere in your suspension would all be suspect.
  8. RRM headers 12’ SE AWD

    My dealings with RRM show they are "usually" pretty good at answering questions.
  9. 2003 mitsubishi lancer Es Customization

    Lancer Forum
    Depending on your country of origin the ES/LS/OZ were all identical power trains and only the RA/EVO gave anything extra. 2.0L 2003 Lancer I want to say was 4G94 (not the much better supported 4G63) and dumping money into performance is pretty much a wasted effort. Making an ES/LS/OZ go faster...
  10. 1992 Eclipse GS

    4G37 Forum (1.8L)
    Power train on these force induction is about the only thing to make a large difference everything else will make negligible changes.
  11. mitsubishi grandis bsy 2.0 diesel 2006

    Chariot, Grandis, Nimbus & Space Wagon Forum
    A google search says that code is for bad wiring or bad ECU.
  12. 2008 lancer gts manual

    Probably a dead starter then on top of the list of issues.
  13. LED headlight compatibility with 04 Diamante

    Diamante, Magna, Sigma & Verada Forum
    My only comment is a lot of LED headlight bulbs are not manufactured correctly to work in reflector housings and will result in worse perforamnce than even a cheap halogen bulb due to poor beam pattern. It might look brighter in certain areas but it isn't lighting up where it needs to. Headlight...
  14. Who Here Is From Australia

    If you double check the stickies in different categories you might find 4G64 sections under other vehicles.
  15. Timing belt mileage - condition

    2G (2007+) Outlander
    110,000km is kinda a suggested changing point. Manuals will state up to 160,000km but a timing belt failure on a interference engine is catastrophic.
  16. Audio system upgrade for Outlander 2 - 2008

    2G (2007+) Outlander
    A dirty signal out regaurdless of what you do after the fact (another amp etc) is always going to be a dirty signal.
  17. Soooo much water in my fuel tank 2009 lancer es

    Lancer Forum
    Drain tank, drain fuel lines and refill with higher octane fuel to help cut any remaining traces of fuel.
  18. Hello everyone

    New Member Area/Introduction
    The lancer has a pile of struts including quick struts available (springs attached and mostly ready to go) Monroe I beleive is one of the brands that carry quick struts, otherwise get the raw strut and arrange to have the springs etc moved over, it is dangerous and time consuming to DIY the...
  19. General (sort of) drive train / suspension / brakes / exhaust questions

    2G (2007+) Outlander
    1. My 2004 is perma-awd and I can't say I have experienced that feeling. 2. There are so many things that can cause slight delays 3. bushing is very likely, first gens were prone to rear dog leg / dog bone? issues there is a thread on here about that 4. Tie rod ends should also be checked and...
  20. Mitsubishi Mirage 2016

    Colt & Mirage Forum
    Might need an alignment
1-20 of 196 Results