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  1. Colt & Mirage
    Hello Everyone, So I have a 01 mirage DE with the 4G15 I love it found it with 50k miles super well kept but sadly it’s an automatic, lucky I was able to get a donor for free, 98 Mirage LS with a 4G93 with a brand new 5 speed in it, does anyone know if that tranny will bolt on to my 4G15?
  2. Lancer Forum
    Have a 1.8 gsr lancer here and trying to do the timing belt but don't know how to set the timing on the crank pulley, where is the timing mark on the pulley and which one do I line it up to in the casing? Also theres a chip gone out of both sides in the pulley thanks
1-2 of 2 Results