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  1. Lancer Forum
    Hey so I was seeing if i could get some insight shed on my situation with my lancer ralliart. My car will run for about 20 minutes max and then bog out and stall. Right before it stalls it seems theres a misfire and exhaust backfire. I had a code come up Running rich. I brought it to my mechanic...
  2. General Discussion
    so, i’ve stumbled upon a 04 ralliart wagon with 152k miles & in all honesty i have no clue why it caught my eye. looks nice (ill post pictures below if i can) but when i went to go see it... it was leaking oil from where im guessing is the output shaft seal & the middle cross member had a...
  3. Lancer Forum
    I'm parting out my lancer after my ex has taken a few parts off of it and fried the computer on it. The engine is still good transmission is still good as well. It's missing that I know of the catalytic converter, needs the exhaust manifold put back on, needs a mass air flow intake sensor, has a...
  4. General Discussion
    Just wanted to recommend this Matsumo pulley if anyone has a squeal coming from their alternator belt. I thought it was my belt but it was just a flogged out pulley.
1-4 of 4 Results