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  1. Interiors and Exteriors
    Will the street fighter body kit fit on the gt or is only the Evo model?
  2. Colt & Mirage
    My daughter just got her first car, a 2015 mirage base model, no nav screen. We CAN’T get BT to pair. The car Bluetooth manual says that to erase prior phones from other owners, hold the phone button for 15ish seconds until you get 4 beeps, for example.This car does have a mic installed about...
  3. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    I swapped a engine from a 2015 lancer es in to an 2010 Lancer gts which has the Rockford sound system in it. I had to change the wiring harness and the new one doesn’t have the connections to the amp that are under the seat. Any way to still connect the amp? I don’t want to have to spend more...
1-3 of 3 Results