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  1. 1G (2003-2006) Airtrek & Outlander
    What parts are the same and which differ between the Outlander Turbo and Airtrek Turbo-r (and limited edition, and ralliart edition if anything there differs). I know the Outlander Turbo is 1680mm height on (cu2w, cu4w, cu5w, "facelift" models with the big headlights), and Airtreks are supposed...
  2. 1G (2003-2006) Airtrek & Outlander
    As title says, do they use the same catalytic converters/catalyzers as Evo 7/7 GTA/8/9? Tried to google it and they seem to look similar but have no clue of it is the case. If buying an evo one would bolt in etc
1-2 of 2 Results