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  1. Classifieds - Private Wanted
    ASX MR factory 18" alloy wheel as per pic, they are either silver and black depending on the model level. either colour will do. I am in Australia
  2. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    I have a mitsubishi asx 2013 mod, and im wondering if someone has any tips on installing carplay screen in the car? I want to take out the screen thats in the car and install a carplay screen. Also if you have some tips on sites to use or brands that would be helpful!
  3. Other Mitsubishi Models
    Hello all, I have a fault code for my air intake temperature sensor for my 2011 1.6 ASX. Can anyone help me to locate the sensor as I am having trouble finding it. Ive searched the internet but i keep hitting dead ends. Thanks in advance
  4. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    I have a Mitsubishi ASX 2011 diesel. Some days when it is cold weather , it has been a little «fusky». Now it is starting to smell burned rubber in the ****pit and it is a smoke coming from the sylinder? I have made a red mark where the smoke is coming from. Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks
  5. General Mitsubishi Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Hi Everyone, really need your help. I have a 2011 ASX and the service interval has been set to off and I can’t find a way to turn it back on. I’ve tried all the service reset options, flashing spanner etc but I can’t get it to come off the Spanner with OFF next to it. At a complete loss if...
  6. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    Bought a 2013 ASX from an auction. It reportedly has had a slight rear impact even though there isn't really a sign of anything hitting the back. The car has 100,000kms and came to me with no fuel. I haven't been able to start the car at all. I've attached a video of what it sounds like ()...
  7. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    Hi All, Hoping for some advice, I have had the car around 18 months when around 6 weeks ago the boot stopped opening. I have changed the motor already and removed and looked at the button that controls it and all appears to be ok. All central locking functions work throughout the car and...
  8. Performance
    Looking for any info that may help here. I have recently bought a 2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8 Diesel. The 1st month we had the car, it came with allmost a full tank of fuel. That tank lasted us around 500 miles which was great. We filled the tank back up when we got to around 1/4 of a tank left and...
  9. UK
    Hi All, I've just purchased a late 2015 model ASX and was hoping if anyone can help me out. 1. Is it possible to fit front parking sensors? I have searched on Google but I can't seem to get a straight answer. The vehicle seems to may be have "place holder" (see image) for a sensor but I could...
  10. Other Mitsubishi Models
    i have got a 2013asx early, but there are no parking sensors on it!! the switch key is there, in reverse mode the cluster shoes sonar sensors working. so i believe there past owner had changed the bumper and didn't installed parking sensors. i checked behind of bumper to find any thing about...
  11. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi everyone. Im new to the ASX world as ive just bought my first one, and im hoping someone can shed some light on something ive found. I went to open the boot and accidentally hit a small button to the right of the boot release instead. When i pressed it, there was an audible sound. Confused...
  12. Other Mitsubishi Models
    Good Morning all I hope someone might be of assistance or might have experienced the issue before, I have an mitsubishi outlander sport 2013 model with 250000km on the clock, recently i have started experiencing and issue where when i start the car and idle it for about 2 minutes and start...
  13. UK
    Hi all, I have a 2012 plate ASX 4 I’ve only had it 3 weeks and after 2 weeks I noticed a noise when accelerating , I’m not mechanically minded what so ever so am not sure what it is, it sounds like a hoover and is only when accelerating , it’s still under 3 month warranty so don’t can have it...
1-13 of 13 Results