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  1. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Hi, A resistor on this MR196694 has been burnt out, I am not sure what is value of it. Could anyone help me? Montero 1996 6G74 3.5L 24v DOHC AT V4AW3
  2. 2007 and Below Lancer
    I have a 2002 lancer. It shifts very hard when i put it into drive. And sometimes it slips out of 4th into 3rd and will not shift until i restart the car. The original computer did go bad a while back and it was replaced with one salvaged from a wrecked one. I hope someone can help.
  3. General Discussion
    I have a 2009 mitsubishi lancer es, automatic CTV transmission and I can drive normally, as fast as I want but for some reason my rpm gauge doesn’t shift. i’ve been up to 120 in my lancer so obviously the gears are shifting but when I floor it my rpms just slowly climb to 6 or 7 and stay there...
1-3 of 3 Results