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  1. 01 Mirage trans swap

    Colt & Mirage Forum
    Hello I'm new here! I have a 1.8 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage LS (4g93 sohc). It is auto and im wanting to manual swap it but I dont know alot about Mitsubishi engines, transmission, etc. If everyone could help me that would be awesome! 😁
  2. Modifying Mitsubishi colt from 2006

    Colt & Mirage Forum
    Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 19 years old.I own a Colt from 2006. I almost have it for 2 years and it is my first car but i would like to start modifying and maybe in a few years making it a tracktoy. But i have the 1.1L 3 cylinder engine. I would like to use some parts for the 1.5L turbo one like the...
  3. Colt 1982 engine/startup problem

    Colt & Mirage
    Hello! I currently own a Mitsubishi Colt 1982 (1,4 with 70hk) (generation A150). I have a problem and hope to maybe get some answers here. The problem is that the car turns on but after 1-3 seconds it shuts down. The little information I manged to search was that it might be related to the...
  4. Left door Colt 2011 3 door

    2003+ Colt
    My left door on my 2011 3 door Mitsubishi Colt has suffered quite a beating, to a point that makes me look for another door. I'm wondering if the door is exactly the same size as the previous generation (CZ3, before facelift) since they are much easier to find, I know it has a plastic bumper on...