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  1. 2011 eclipse spyder top

    4G (2006+) Eclipse
    Can anyone who own a spyder 4g that has had it exposed to the rain let me know how well it holds up I live in a state that it rains in for 8 out of 12 months of the year and need to know if the top is weather proof enough to drive without having to worry about it leaking THANKS
  2. Need help with Mitsubishi eclipse 2G spyder Weatherstrip for roof

    1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    Hei I own a Mitsubishi Eclipse 1997 spyder. Great car, except one problem leak from my whetherstrip from my top left and top right roof. Does anyone know a place I could buy them, I would appreciate any information.
  3. 1997 mitsubishi eclipse rear window came off track. Whats the fix?

    Eclipse Forum
    Help! My friends 1997 mitsubishi eclipse convertibles back right window cam off track. How do we fix this? :cautious: