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  1. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hi Everyone, This is gonna be a lot but please read through and give me all your honest answers as anything will help significantly. I’m looking at buying an 03 Manual Eclipse GT with the 3.0 V6 and 5 speed transmission and has around 88,000 original miles. (Exterior pictures attached) I found...
  2. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hello guys, so I’ve searched everywhere. I need to find a Ring Gear for My Flywheel for my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0L V6 Manual Transmission. But I can’t find the part anywhere, not even Mitsubishi has one. Does anybody have any insights? Or know anyone with one?
  3. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hello recently bought a 00 eclipse gt v6 auto, no problems but the guy said it was sitting for about 8 months. Changed all the liquids was gtg. 500 miles later p0300 was thrown I replaced all plugs wires distributor rotor and cap. No avail started pulling p0170 and blowing valve covers. Replaced...
  4. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Working on an 03 gt with a v6 for a friend, but I can't figure out what this broken wire goes to. It looks like it was broken by a broken serp belt so I think it goes down that way. Any experts out there that can help me? Thanks
  5. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I can get aftermarket parts for a 6G72 it’s the 3.0L variant something performance oriented. I was looking to basically redo the entire motor from bottom to the top including , solenoids and smalls stuff such as new valve covers and maybe intake as...
  6. 4G (2006+) Eclipse
    So I wanted to get some new headlights in my '09 Spyder GT because the old ones are no good (one is worse than the other). The only ones I can find for sale are the Halogen ones. My car came with the HID Xenon headlights installed. At this point I already have the Halogen lights but the...
  7. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    So I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 5-Speed. The original engine is blown so I replaced it with a newer one. Everything buttoned back together perfectly and it started back up perfectly fine. But the issue I’m having is when I put it in gear it doesn’t move anywhere whether it’s in 1st-5th or...
  8. 1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    Hey guys I'm new to selling cars and I have a 97 gsx auto with 137000 on it how much do you think is a fair price to list it I think 2500 is good but I'm not sure what do you think?
1-8 of 8 Results