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  1. Galant Forum
    So i am currently working on an engine swap in my 03 galant es with the 3.0 v6. I am switching over a 3.8 out of another galant and i am looking to get some decent n/a power, i have done as much researching as i can with the time i have but i am too busy with work to dig any more at the moment...
  2. 8G (1999-2003) Galant
    i have recently taken out my engine due to a cracked block and pistons and i was told that a 2007 ralliart engine would fit directly to my trans but it HAD to be a 2007 to match my wiring harness. is this true? if so what are some other engines i can look at?
  3. Endeavor Forum
    Wondering if an engine out of a 2004 endeavor is a direct swap to a 2011 endeavor, both are AWD. not many of these on the roads here in alaska but somehow i ended up with two of them. Any help is appreciated!
  4. 2007 and Below Lancer
    rolling frame at the moment want something to turn this beauty into a sleeper before she gets sent into the paint booth! what do you guys recommend for a swap? had a few ideas in mind but want to know what is out there to help me out with research or a list of all compatible vehicles I can use...
  5. L300, L400, Delica, Exceed & Starwagon Forum
    Hi guys. I currently have a blown head gaskit on my 2.4l 4g64 sohc 16v 4x4 petrol manual L300. Fuel injection. I have found a brand new engine from China that is exactly the same as my engine. But apparently it’s out of a Great Wall . That’s what the listing says anyway. But when I go through...
  6. L300, L400, Delica, Exceed & Starwagon Forum
    So, I have a 1985 Mitsubishi Express l300 1.6L 4 cylinder, automatic and carbied. She is in amazing condition for her age and I'm absolutely in love with her. I bought her with the intention to rip the current engine (4g32) out and replace it with the fuel injected 4g64 with minor modifications...
  7. Lancer Forum
    My car 2002 lancer 1.8 4g93 Doner car 2001, not sure what lancer but its also a 4g93 Just swapped the engine out of my car and put the exact same motor from another car in and it all seems to not want to fire up, I get power to the car but no power to the engine at all, I've checked what I can...
  8. Galant Forum
    So I bought this Galant with over 300k miles and a bad head, so the first thing I'd like to do is swap out the motor and trans. It's a base model with a 4g64 in it. The question is, would I be able to swap in a 4g63t or something else? The current SOCH has to go. Any other, better engines that...
  9. Lancer Forum
    Hi Does anybody no if you can put the 4V11 engine and gear box from a 2009 vrx lancer into a 2004 es lancer that has a 4G69 engine . Cheer Chris
  10. L300, L400, Delica, Exceed & Starwagon Forum
    I spent a long time researching engines swap options for my 1985 carbied automatic l300 and wasnt really able to find helpful information. I have found on my own accord that, the 4g64 fits in with minimal modifications to replace the 4g32 thats currently in there. I haven't done the swap yet...
1-10 of 10 Results