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  1. Eclipse Forum
  2. Lancer Evolution
    Hello, I’m doing a 4G63t engine swap from an evo 6 to a proton satria neo, have got engine, ecu and wiring harness I’ll also be swapping the dash out too and have a couple questions regarding compatibility with dash wiring If I get a dash from a CE lancer (if this is the correct model) are the...
  3. Lancer Forum
    Hi Does anybody no if you can put the 4V11 engine and gear box from a 2009 vrx lancer into a 2004 es lancer that has a 4G69 engine . Cheer Chris
  4. Lancer Forum
    I have a 2015 Lancer GT CVT trans with about 60k miles on it. I had some questions so I came here figured y'all would know. 1. Planning on tuning it, COBB won't make one for my car I've got the 2.4 NA engine in mine, any recommendations? 2. Eventually way down the line I plan on putting in a...
  5. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    I got a 2002 Montero Limited I noticed when I turned on my battery I got a rattling sound coming from a cylinder shape part behind my battery. The part shakes and makes rattling noise every 5 seconds like clock work. See photos below First of, anyone know what it is? I assume the rattling...
  6. Eclipse Forum
    Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap in the V6 from an 03 eclipse into a 2011 Eclipse with OEM I4? And if so, what kind of alterations will have to be made?
  7. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hi Every body, I'm I have a l200 model 1984 and it comes with no a/C unit and power steering. I was planning to install these. But I found it is very difficult and complicated. So, I move to other idea which is to swap engine that come already with AC unit and power steering. But I don't know...
  8. Lancer Forum
    I'm parting out my lancer after my ex has taken a few parts off of it and fried the computer on it. The engine is still good transmission is still good as well. It's missing that I know of the catalytic converter, needs the exhaust manifold put back on, needs a mass air flow intake sensor, has a...
  9. Colt & Mirage
    Hello! I currently own a Mitsubishi Colt 1982 (1,4 with 70hk) (generation A150). I have a problem and hope to maybe get some answers here. The problem is that the car turns on but after 1-3 seconds it shuts down. The little information I manged to search was that it might be related to the...
  10. L300, L400, Delica, Exceed & Starwagon Forum
    hey there, I am looking for some help making a decision. I have a blown head gasket issue in my L300 with 300k km. Me and my friend are fixing it on our yard, we removed the the head to get machined and took the head gasket out that was in really bad condition. The machine guys said the head is...
1-10 of 10 Results