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  1. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    Hello, I have a 1994 Magna sedan with the 6G72 engine (3 litre V6 EFI). I've been unable to locate the purge control solenoid valve, which is making it quite difficult to test it. At present, my carbon canister (on the firewall) has 3 outlets on top, but only 2 hoses. outlet 1: "to tank" -...
  2. 2007 and Below Lancer
    I have a 2003 Lancer. Gas takes forever to go down filler neck. Can't put in half a gallon before gas spills out. Takes about 5 minutes for that little bit of gas to go down. I've replaced the purge valve by engine, the charcoal canister and valve next to it. Still can't fill up. I think the...
1-2 of 2 Results