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  1. Galant Forum
    Hey guys, just bought a 1991 Mitsubishi GSR HH Galant, from what I’ve seen it’s extremely rare and almost nobody even knows what it looks like. It came with complete from the factory air suspension and is sitting at 102,000kms with full logbook history and original owners documents. No rust. My...
  2. 6G (1993 and Below) Galant
    Hi, I've been doing the timing belt and water pump on my 1990 E33A Galant GLSi hatchback with a 4G63 SOHC 8V engine. I checked all the part numbers in the catalogue and ordered parts using the numbers. However, the water pump does not fit 100%. It's a Valeo 506617 and it should be compatible...
  3. 9G (2004-Present) Galant
    Does anyone know what generation Evo hood will fit on the Ralliart Galant 2009.
  4. Galant Forum
    So I bought this Galant with over 300k miles and a bad head, so the first thing I'd like to do is swap out the motor and trans. It's a base model with a 4g64 in it. The question is, would I be able to swap in a 4g63t or something else? The current SOCH has to go. Any other, better engines that...
  5. 8G (1999-2003) Galant
    Greetings, '02 Galant ES 2.4L, 127,000 Sorry in advance for the length of this, just trying to give as much pertinent info as possible. Last week I had an issue with the Galant as I was getting onto the freeway. Leaving work, I have about a 5 minute drive to the freeway entrance on-ramp. The...
  6. 9G (2004-Present) Galant
    Hello all, new to the forums. I am no mechanic by any means but do know how to do somethings. I am at a point that I am unsure what is wrong with this car. So lets dive into the details; This is on a 2005 Galant with almost 210k miles. The fuel tank had a hole in it about a year ago, and was...
  7. 7G (1994-1998) Galant
    Hello everybody, I'd like to wire an amp but I can't find any access points into the cabin from the engine bay like a lot of cars have. I'd prefer to avoid drilling a new hole if possible. Anybody have any ideas or should I just bite the bullet and get drilling?
1-7 of 7 Results