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  1. 4G (2006+) Eclipse
    Both headlight assemblies on my 2010 Eclipse sprung leaks and corroded the OEM ballast connections in the HID headlights. I successfully repaired the RH assembly but destroyed the LH assembly, trying to get it apart (Don't ask). I've researched this issue for several months since the RH unit...
  2. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Does anyone know where I can find the adjustment knob on the passenger side low beam headlight? We don’t have the button option so we can’t do it on the control panel. We looked at the owners manual and it wasn’t any help. It would be greatly appreciated if we could get a quick answer. It is...
  3. 2008+ Lancer
    So when I bought my lancer there was a gap between bumber and hood. It looks like my bumber doesn’t fit around my headlights and won’t run flush. Just wondering what causes it. Is it the headlights? Could they be aftermarket headlights. If so do aftermarket headlights have different housing size
  4. 3000GT & GTO Forum
    Hello. New here. I have a 98 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL. I know how to adjust the headlights. They are VOL. Just wondering in what position the “kink” should be in comparison to the center of the headlight if marked on the wall. Driver and passenger side...
  5. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    Hi, I’m looking for some cheapish LED headlight ‘globes’, I recently got new halogen ones that are whiter than normal ones, but after replacing my parking lights with LED ones it shows how yellow they still are and they don’t work together, I know what style of globe they need I just don’t know...
  6. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Hi everyone, Thinking to replace both headlight globes of my Outlander 15 (12V, 55W, H7). Whick brand of globes would you rekon??? My car is for domestic private use only. White light vs Yellow, which to pick?
  7. 2G (2007+) Outlander
    Hi, I was looking at getting LED headlights for my Outlander. I have never gotten new headlights, so I do not know much about this. I would like to just get new bulbs, but i do not know what kinds to get. I have a link of the ones that I was looking at but need advice on if anyone has any...
  8. Eclipse & Eclipse Cross Forum
    I have a 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse with Factort HID headlights that have burnt out and do not work anymore. How you say? Water or moisture collects in the assembly and my headlights and fried my Ballast and wires in the headlight. The headlights barely worked when I got the car roughly at 60k...
1-8 of 8 Results