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  1. Performance
    I’m trying to straight pipe my Lancer but the two o2 sensors the mainstream is infront of the cat and the other is DIRECTLY on the converter i have no idea how to go through with it
  2. Colt & Mirage Forum
    help I got a 2001 mirage with a no crank but with testing found power going to the computer but no power leaving it cauing me to chang computer but the new one dose not work can any help
  3. 1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    I recently bought an eclipse 98 it went to manteinance and one part is messed up since the car is american and exported to mexico, is really hard to find pieces for this car can you tell me the name/ part number of this thing? or maybe where to buy it?
  4. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Can anyone tell me how to open the plastic part where there is a glass control button on the rear door of the outlander 2020?
  5. 2007 and Below Lancer
    So i just bought a 2002 lancer ce coupe as my first car and i don't know much about Mitsubishi and the first two things i want to do is change the intake and exhaust to make it a bit more enjoyable to drive and im a bit confused on the fact that i can only find exhaust for the EVO so if some one...
  6. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    I need a lug nut for my outlander, does anyone know the dimensions for a common lug nut? similar to the image shown below, thank you.
  7. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hi Everyone, This is gonna be a lot but please read through and give me all your honest answers as anything will help significantly. I’m looking at buying an 03 Manual Eclipse GT with the 3.0 V6 and 5 speed transmission and has around 88,000 original miles. (Exterior pictures attached) I found...
  8. 2008+ Lancer
    I recently bought my second Lancer, a 2014 manual ES. I've owned it for less than two weeks, and the lot had several warranties that I took advantage of, so regardless of what's wrong I'll be able to get it fixed without a large out of pocket amount. But my thought is that it has to be...
  9. Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    This problem starting happening later on when I installed my Tru Hart Street Plus coilovers on my 2010 Lancer GTS. I have no clue why this is happening and it’s already ruined 2 struts and I don’t understand why it’s just frustrating I can’t figure it out. I know its happening when I hear this...
  10. 9G (2004-Present) Galant
    So i did my timing belt service with a dayco kit and wanted to know why is it skipping so many teeth sound like the compression still
  11. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hello, so I have a 2004 eclipse spyder. So earlier today I was starting the car and it would start fine, but it would lose power whenever I would leave it in park for more maybe 30 40 seconds and then it would shut off.. so I would start it again and this time keep my foot on the gas slightly to...
  12. Lancer Forum
    I recently bought a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer SE 2.4L and i was thinking about upgrading it's horsepower from 165 to at least 200. Im fairly new to cars and needed some help to find what would be the best components to put in to it. I have heard about cold air intakes but that's really about it. If...
  13. Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hey everyone, I noticed I had some slight cuts around my sidewall on my wheels. I made sure to get a alignment and they said everything was good. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what this is and how to fix it ?
  14. Lancer Forum
    I currently own a 09’ lancer ES, first Mitsubishi car I’ve owned. Has an exhaust and intake system, but I’d like to turbo it if not twin turbo it. Anyone know any turbo kits that work on this car/ evo turbos-kits that would work? Can’t seem to find any turbo kit comparability.
  15. Interiors and Exteriors
    Hi! Im new to Mitsubishi ownership. I got my red 2010 Lancer sedan couple weeks ago and its been a great everyday car. But im not the biggest fan of the normal front bumper... So im thinking of upgrading it to the ralliart one. I just have some questions about it. First are there any parts for...
  16. 4G (2006+) Eclipse
    My 4G makes a really bad grinding/clunking noise when I put it in reverse and try to parallel or even just back up. I’ve taken it everywhere, even a Mitsubishi dealer which ripped my aunt off over 2 thousands dollars and put no work into my car. It also makes a loud rattling noise when I...
  17. 2008+ Lancer
    Hello, I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer under a 100k miles. Anyway my mechanic can’t figure out why the battery is being drained if you leave the car sit for a day or more. He has put a new battery in & replaced the battery cables thinking that may be the issue but it was not. Does anyone have...
  18. 2007 and Below Lancer
    I have a 2007 sport lancer 2.0l cs9a and parts aren't easy to come by as they get confused with the different models and don't attribute the correct part to the number alot of the time.. it's an ongoing battle but I'm looking to find the original specs/dimensions of the stock brake discs...
  19. 2007 and Below Lancer
    Hey, I am upgrading My 2001 Mitsi lancer looking for some help finding parts. Looking for parts that can improve speed/handling would love some suggestions for : I am also thinking about making some exhaust upgrades later. any advice on parts would be awesome. Thank You. Edit: I live on the far...
  20. 1G/2G (1990-1999) Eclipse
    Hey y’all, I’ve been looking around and I’ve gained a strong liking for the first Gen eclipse, due to its looks which makes it get under the radar also it’s not too old compared to something like a station. Where I live eclipses are actually kinda popular, so there are wonderful gems in good...
1-20 of 21 Results