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  1. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    I drive an Outlander PHEV 2019. My Apple Carplay (APC) does not work properly. When sending text my messages APC incudes voice prompt from APC in my message i.e.: text message will include "What do you want to say ... then my voice message". Also when I say "No" to replying to a text, my...
  2. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    Hello ladies and gents, I’m sure this has been spoken about a few times before so apologies but as we make our way into 2022, I’m hoping for a easier / cheaper fix. I have a 2010 outlander with the touch screen MMCS (Rockford Fosgate) I have Bluetooth for calls but not able to play my music...
  3. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    Wife and I bought twin 2018 Outlander Sports in Sep 2019 (both brand new, 0 miles. Mine is black, hers is red). We both have iPhone XR. CarPlay using USB cable won't stay connected- goes in & out randomly. Tried new cords 3x and still does the same thing. When I use my 'speak' button on the...
1-3 of 3 Results