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  1. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 1984 L200 4wd 4g63 sohc. The 4 speed transmission is becoming noisy and needs some TLC. I have access to a 5 speed 4g63 4wd transmission from a later model. Is this a direct replacement? Can it be installed easily? Any help is gratefully received. Mike.
  2. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hi, after some help please, when starting 2016 L200 Barbarian a 3 chime buzzer alarm goes off, this also happens when braking but only if going over 20mph and buzzer alerts approx when slowed down to around 5mph or coming to a stop. Any ideas??? No lights on dash Video in link...
  3. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    I need a new tailgate for my 2016 series 5 L200 because mine is well beyond repair. So have spent all evening call breakers and looking online and they seem to be near impossible to get hold of and Mitsubishi wants £1200 for one. Well, that's not happening. but I came across a copy and was...
  4. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    I managed to snap one of the two mounting bolts holding the propshaft center bearing of my 2005 L200 K74T 4D56 (see attached pics). Any suggestions as to what is the best/easiest way to solve this issue?
  5. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    Hi all New here, I have an issue with the MMCS. When using touchscreen, when pushing a button it selects the higher button. For example when selecting back button in bottom right hand corner it won’t let me press at all. Any ideas? Any help is really appreciated
  6. Performance
    Hi Guys, New here. Just brought a 2003 L200. 120k Miles. Discovered a few issues after having it for a few weeks. Didn't have heat in the cab and them temp gauge wasn't reading figured it was the Thermostat so sent it to the garage and they changed the thermostat was changed as the old one...
  7. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hello guys, I have a Mitsubishi L200 4WD 2.5D 1991. My fuel gauge ( MB415681 ) was not working for years and yesterday i bought an aftermarket fuel gauge. However the gauge does not seems to responds as expected, i filled 12 Lts of fuel and the needle moved only few milimeters. I would be...
  8. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hi Every body, I'm I have a l200 model 1984 and it comes with no a/C unit and power steering. I was planning to install these. But I found it is very difficult and complicated. So, I move to other idea which is to swap engine that come already with AC unit and power steering. But I don't know...
1-8 of 8 Results