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  1. Performance
    I have seen many catback exhausts that state are compatible for a 2008-2011 lancer but I am wondering would it fit a 2015 lancer?
  2. Lancer Forum
    Hello, I recently installed a new cat back exhaust and a test pipe ( Down pipe) on my 2011 lancer. The problem I was having was that the exhaust manifold heat shield, top and bottom piece were rattling and rotted out, so I removed both of them. My question is will this cause any issues with heat...
    hey im looking to change my exhaust on my lancer se 2010 and im hesitating between the BORLA S-TYPE, the GREADY REVOLUTION RS, and the HKS HI-POWER SERIES.anyone have recommandation. adn is reliable for purchases.
  4. Performance
    I'm fairly new to owning my 2010 lancer GTS and I've had it for about 6 months. I'm looking for an exhaust (preferably axleback but will go with a cat back as well) to bolt on to some additional power. however, I'm not looking for anything obnoxiously loud. so to summarize, I'm looking for a...
1-4 of 4 Results