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  1. 2008+ Lancer
    Morning all, I'm severely struggling to even find which transmission comes on this car, F5MBB is the closest l've come, but I can't find any rebuild parts for said transmission.. 1st gear is gone (you can put the trans in 1st gear and start the engine, let the clutch out and it kicks back in to...
  2. General Discussion
    I seen on a couple websites they advertise the 5 speed trans under the 03-07 category but 02 is never included. What’s the difference between the transmissions? (Pre-facelift vs facelift)
  3. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hey, I’m looking for a used gearbox for my 2000 Triton GLX. It’s manual, diesel 4x4. I’ve been searching for one for like 6 months and have literally not found a single one. It’s trans axel is V5M21 4636. I’m desperate to find one, if anyone has one or knows where one is i’d really appreciate...
  4. Classifieds - For Sale / Trade
    1994 3000GT VR4 75k miles Clean title in hand - call/text (317) 514- nine eight seven nine Twin turbo, manual, removable sunroof Moderately modified (400hp/400tq @16lb boost - 3 octane tune): 13g TD04 turbos Accusump oil sump Power radiator 10g fuel cell w/ BG fuel pump Autronics ECM upgraded...
    $15,500 USD
  5. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hello guys, so I’ve searched everywhere. I need to find a Ring Gear for My Flywheel for my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0L V6 Manual Transmission. But I can’t find the part anywhere, not even Mitsubishi has one. Does anybody have any insights? Or know anyone with one?
  6. 2007 and Below Lancer
    I put in a new crankshaft position sensor. It won't start now, it just, Like no hope in life for starting, not a single spurt, battery fine. It started fine, I had it towed home. It cranks over redtop optima battery. I checked the obvious fuses, some not all fuses, Who ever can help please. I...
  7. 2008+ Lancer
    Hello I own a Lancer GT 2014 2.4 manual. I've notice that when I run the car and shift (any shift) the car on 4 to 5 revs it delays. I think that this car is Hydraulic clutch. What you all do or recommend to end with this shift delay?
1-7 of 7 Results