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  1. Colt & Mirage Forum
    help I got a 2001 mirage with a no crank but with testing found power going to the computer but no power leaving it cauing me to chang computer but the new one dose not work can any help
  2. Colt & Mirage
    Hello Everyone, So I have a 01 mirage DE with the 4G15 I love it found it with 50k miles super well kept but sadly it’s an automatic, lucky I was able to get a donor for free, 98 Mirage LS with a 4G93 with a brand new 5 speed in it, does anyone know if that tranny will bolt on to my 4G15?
  3. US - North East
    I got a 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage Carbonite & I am having issues with this car already. There is a semi-loud rattling noise coming from the front end of the car when accelerating at low speeds. I am embarrassed when driving to and from work everyday. Help me plz
  4. Colt & Mirage Forum
    Hi, I've been looking for the fuel pump relay on my 2000 mirage, and no one seems to have an answer as to where it actually is. Do i have to remove anything to get to it? I can't find it in either of the fuse boxes. It's not in the glove box. I know what it looks like, but i can't find any...
  5. General Discussion
    I've noticed my 2019 Mirage G4 does not have an alarm chime for when either the driver or passenger seatbelts are not on. Does this specific model not have a seatbelt chime or do I need to activate it somehow?
  6. Street Encounters & Competition Racing
    Okay so im planning on starting my conversion on a 2002 Mitsubishi mirage 1.5l. first question is what engine would be the best for a drag car? since thats what i want to make it. also AWD,RWD,or FWD? i want to make the best conversion i can
  7. Colt & Mirage
    My daughter just got her first car, a 2015 mirage base model, no nav screen. We CAN’T get BT to pair. The car Bluetooth manual says that to erase prior phones from other owners, hold the phone button for 15ish seconds until you get 4 beeps, for example.This car does have a mic installed about...
  8. Colt & Mirage Forum
    Hello I'm new here! I have a 1.8 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage LS (4g93 sohc). It is auto and im wanting to manual swap it but I dont know alot about Mitsubishi engines, transmission, etc. If everyone could help me that would be awesome! 😁
  9. Colt & Mirage Forum
    Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 19 years old.I own a Colt from 2006. I almost have it for 2 years and it is my first car but i would like to start modifying and maybe in a few years making it a tracktoy. But i have the 1.1L 3 cylinder engine. I would like to use some parts for the 1.5L turbo one like the...
1-9 of 9 Results