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  1. For sale first gen dodge colt parts

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    I also have tail lights, some hub caps and seat belts, emblems and keys for a 1971-1973 dodge colt that also fits Mitsubishi colt
  2. Colt czc 1.5 back windows aren’t working

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    So had my convertible colt since Oct 2019 and not had any issues until today when I put my roof down, the rear windows would not close so it means I can’t get my roof back up. It clicks and I can hear a whirring when pressing either the window open switch and the roof up switch. I am wondering...
  3. Barn Find - Mitsubishi Colt Sapporo 1978

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    Hi, I’m completely new to the forum so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE! My grandad has owned this car for 25 years and has been kept in dry storage. It’s a Mitsubishi Colt Sapporo 1978 but that’s all we really know. After looking on DVLA I believe it’s one of...
  4. 2007 mitsubishi Colt 6 cd changer

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    hello everyone, I recently bought a old second hand 2007 Mitsubshi Colt. A four door model with the non-turbo 1.3L motor. And as a first car it's just perfect. It's roomy, easy to drive and just fast enough. It's also very very cheap. But when i bought it the garage said it had the 6 cd...