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  1. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    My reverse camera just stopped working on my 2017 Outlander. I read on this forum there is a way to access camera calibration settings from the screen menu. However I cannot find the settings. Can anybody assist? Cheers
  2. 2G (2007+) Outlander
    From overlander to Underlander. I took the plunge, literally. From +40mm to - 40mm. I have kept the big fat all terrain tires and made it all fit snuggly under the arches with the help of my previously installed camber arms and bolts. I went with H&R lowering springs. The rear H&R springs are...
  3. 4G (2022+) Outlander
    Any recommendations for Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter for Mitsubishi Outlander 2020 ? Seems many like Ototree etc. is not supported by outlander. If any one use tried and tested an apple car play adapter on Outlander MY 2020 or MY 2021, please help here with you experience
  4. 1G (2003-2006) Airtrek & Outlander
    I have a question regarding my outlander. I am trying to install a dual battery system and in order to do that I need to know what type of alternator I have. I own a 2006 ZF Outlander and I need to know whether my alternator is a fixed or variable voltage, or a temperature compensating...
  5. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Does anyone know where I can find the adjustment knob on the passenger side low beam headlight? We don’t have the button option so we can’t do it on the control panel. We looked at the owners manual and it wasn’t any help. It would be greatly appreciated if we could get a quick answer. It is...
  6. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi, I have a GX5HS and my footwell LED lights have stopped working. I've tested the LED and they are ok I think a fuse has blown but dont know where the fuse is can any help with this. thank you in advance
  7. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    I pick up my new (to me) outlander in 2 hours time... Excited! This is my first mitsubishi, my first automatic and my first hybrid. This one has a 4 way camera view but no parking sensors...assuming the camera only works in reverse? I think I'll need front sensors.. Is this possible? Are you...
  8. Outlander & Airtrek Forum
    Hello, to make a long story short, I need to replace all 3 catalytic converters (this was checked by 2 mechanics and the dealership). The original converters are over 1k each and take up to 4 months to be delivered from Japan and I want my car fixed fast and at an affordable price. Which brands...
  9. 2G (2007+) Outlander
    Hello lads from across the pond in Ireland. Just joined the forum after reading it for over a year, so thought I'd share my build so far, helped along by the brilliant people who post here with information on outlanders that you can only have from experience!! Anyway, its 2009 mk2 2.0 did...
  10. 2G (2007+) Outlander
    I've attached a lightbar to my bumper but I can't find a place to run the wires for a rocker switch through. Can someone help me, preferably with a picture? I live in America if that helps.
  11. 1G (2003-2006) Airtrek & Outlander
    What parts are the same and which differ between the Outlander Turbo and Airtrek Turbo-r (and limited edition, and ralliart edition if anything there differs). I know the Outlander Turbo is 1680mm height on (cu2w, cu4w, cu5w, "facelift" models with the big headlights), and Airtreks are supposed...
  12. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    2014 Outlander SE. The current battery died at only 1 1/2 years (Go walmart!) replaced the battery and car started up fine with new battery -no dash warning lights or alerts. I put an old cen-tech ODBII reader on it to see if there were any errors and got the following codes which I can't find...
  13. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    I need a lug nut for my outlander, does anyone know the dimensions for a common lug nut? similar to the image shown below, thank you.
  14. 1G (2003-2006) Airtrek & Outlander
    As title says, do they use the same catalytic converters/catalyzers as Evo 7/7 GTA/8/9? Tried to google it and they seem to look similar but have no clue of it is the case. If buying an evo one would bolt in etc
  15. Outlander & Airtrek Forum
    Hey all. Got an aftermarket stereo head with Key 1 and Key 2 (but no ground) wires and cannot figure out where to hook these guys up. I've been searching and best I can find is that they're Steering Wheel Controls, which is great since it's the last thing I need to have this all working...
  16. Car Audio, Video & Electronics
    I have a 2021 Outlander InStyle. It came installed with an Android stereo system (don’t know more details then that...if someone can tell me how to find out, I can give more details on it). I want to be able to install apps on it, like Google Maps or or Spotify. I don’t see the Play store on the...
  17. Other Mitsubishi Models
    Good Morning all I hope someone might be of assistance or might have experienced the issue before, I have an mitsubishi outlander sport 2013 model with 250000km on the clock, recently i have started experiencing and issue where when i start the car and idle it for about 2 minutes and start...
  18. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Hi all, I've got a 2015 2.3 diesel outlander and owned it for just over a year. Got it from a dealer in Brisbane and wasn't expecting any trouble, however I was wrong. The car does not like to sit in traffic, it doesn't do it every time but it has become more common. White smoke will come...
  19. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    Help! I just had to replace my radiator on my 07 Outlander low emissions (which was super expensive because the radiator has a sensor)After putting it back together my A/C no longer blows cold. I noticed these wires are not put together, but I’m not sure what they go to. Anyone have a clue?
  20. 3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    I have a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander that has been pretty great. A couple of days ago, I noticed that my backup camera was not coming on when I went into reverse. Going into the settings, I saw that the camera worked. After a while I managed to figure out how to go into the service menu and looked...
1-20 of 26 Results