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  1. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    All four of my power windows no longer work. It happened over the course of like 2-3 days. Initially, the passenger windows were going down slowly then the windows stopped working altogether. I checked the fuses and none were blown. Is there anything else that I could check? I was told that the...
  2. Lancer Forum
    I have a 2008 Lancer ES with a 5spd manual. I'm having a hard time finding parts for its transmission (I believe it is a F5MBB). I'm in need of a master overhaul kit w/ syncro rings, and 5th gear w/ retaining nut. Does anyone know a good source for transmission parts for these cars?
  3. Lancer Forum
    Hey everyone, I recently bought a lancer to work on as my first project car before I buy an evo. I wasnt going to do much. Just some basic mods but now that has changed. Long story short, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could end up getting discontinued/refurbished parts. I was ripped...
  4. Lancer Forum
    I'm parting out my lancer after my ex has taken a few parts off of it and fried the computer on it. The engine is still good transmission is still good as well. It's missing that I know of the catalytic converter, needs the exhaust manifold put back on, needs a mass air flow intake sensor, has a...
1-4 of 4 Results