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  1. 2007 mitsubishi Colt 6 cd changer

    Other Mitsubishi Models
    hello everyone, I recently bought a old second hand 2007 Mitsubshi Colt. A four door model with the non-turbo 1.3L motor. And as a first car it's just perfect. It's roomy, easy to drive and just fast enough. It's also very very cheap. But when i bought it the garage said it had the 6 cd...
  2. No music no adventures

    3G (2012+) Outlander & PHEV
    I need the Wire diagram for an 08 lancer stock radio to aftermarket radio. Normally I can figure this out but this one is a pain. I’ve got three Separate plugs that have 30 to 50% of the wires I actually need to hook up the aftermarket radio. I’ve looked for a direct wire kit and found nothing...