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  1. Other Mitsubishi Models
    Hello Everyone! I am desperately looking for some help. I’ve got my serpentine belt off, but now for the life of me i cannot get it back on. Any tips/recommendations are welcome. It’s. 2.0 engine. I’ve watched so many videos online and read so many articles with no luck.
  2. Other Mitsubishi Models
    I have a 2011 Mitsubishi RVR/outlander sport 5 speed manual transmission When I have the car in neutral idling there is a ticking coming from the transmission. Once I push the clutch in ticking goes away. If I push the clutch in and release it very slowly ticking is very quiet Ticking is...
  3. Outlander Sport, ASX, RVR & Space Runner Forum
    Hello, as the title says, I have an RVR 2011 and the cooling fan doesn’t work when idling. This was brought to my attention when I had an hour and a half web meeting with the engine running when I noticed the engine to hot warning on. A few hours later it was safe to turn on and drive the short...
1-3 of 3 Results