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  1. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Wondering if anyone could tell me if the centre locking diff is an option for a shogun sport 2004-2008 as the shogun and l200 normally has it stock and how much it would cost roughly for a complete front and rear diff lockers. Cheers
  2. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Hi everyone!! My first time posting on this forum and not incredibly mechanically minded so be gentle haha. Right! I have bought a 2005 Pajero Sport with the 3.0 V6 on an auto box, all is well apart from some engine codes and now a leaking gearbox. I've been working through the codes (P0125...
  3. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Morning All, I recently had a suspected blow head gasket on my X Reg Shogun Sport. The main symptoms were bubbles in the expansion tank, white smoke and she necked the coolant. There was never a loss of power. I only noticed the problem as when I stopped for a piss I could hear bubbling from...
  4. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Hi all. I'm new here & the 1st time I've ever owned a Mitsubishi which is the 2020 Shogun Sport.. Straight in with a question on the indicator / wiper stalks being on the opposite side. I spend half my time in the Philippines were I know the Mitsubishi Montero Sport has the indicator stalk on...
1-4 of 4 Results