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  1. General Mitsubishi Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Well, apparently my birthday present this year was for my 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander's dashboard to light up like a darn Christmas tree out of the blue. I immediately took my car into the shop, and they said it is displaying error codes P1773, C2200, C1200, and C2104. I have had this car for...
  2. 2G (2007+) Outlander
    Howdy! Anyone ever access the front coupling solenoid connector on top of the trans? Solenoid is inside trans, short wires through grommet to connector B28, from there it ends up at connector C139 on the AWC-ECU under left front kick panel at drivers left foot. Measuring from C139 pins 1 & 2 at...
1-2 of 2 Results