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  1. 03 Eclipse V6 swapped into 11 I4

    Eclipse Forum
    Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap in the V6 from an 03 eclipse into a 2011 Eclipse with OEM I4? And if so, what kind of alterations will have to be made?
  2. L200 1984

    L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hi Every body, I'm I have a l200 model 1984 and it comes with no a/C unit and power steering. I was planning to install these. But I found it is very difficult and complicated. So, I move to other idea which is to swap engine that come already with AC unit and power steering. But I don't know...
  3. Floor Shifter Swap

    Lancer Forum
    Hello Newbie here. This is probably asked before but I cant seem to find a definite answer. Can I swap my 2016 lancer es shifter into a gts/gt one that has manual mode? I already have paddle shifters built in but I want the shifter floor assembly as it doesn't turn you back to drive when stopping