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  1. Other Mitsubishi Models
    I have a 2011 Mitsubishi RVR/outlander sport 5 speed manual transmission When I have the car in neutral idling there is a ticking coming from the transmission. Once I push the clutch in ticking goes away. If I push the clutch in and release it very slowly ticking is very quiet Ticking is...
  2. Lancer Forum
    Hello, I am in South Autralia and I drive a 2005 Lancer with a 2.4L engine. The variant is called VR-X and engine model is 4G69. The engine has started making this ticking noise that is usually caused by the hydraulic lifters but apparently this engine doesn't use lifters. So I adjusted the...
  3. Other Mitsubishi Models
    Mitsubishi Outlander GX4 2015 rattling/ ticking noise whilst on idle, had any one Experienced the same problem? The Mitsubishi dealer checked it and said it’s a common issue with the balance shaft assembly and that it must be replaced . anyone with experience on it how much would it cost to do...
1-3 of 3 Results