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  1. Galant Forum
    I've got a front wheel drive manual trans Galant with a stuffed gearbox, and I'm not quite sure which gearboxes will fit in it. I've got the opportunity to get a good deal on a front wheel drive manual Lancer, will that be the same size etc.?
  2. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    Hey all, just bought an 03 GT and it’s solid. I noticed there is a hole in the top of the transmission. It is not threaded. There is a much smaller threaded hole next to it. Neither of these are plugged, and considering the car is about to see it’s first Wisconsin winter, I would hate to get...
  3. Other Mitsubishi Models
    I have a 2011 Mitsubishi RVR/outlander sport 5 speed manual transmission When I have the car in neutral idling there is a ticking coming from the transmission. Once I push the clutch in ticking goes away. If I push the clutch in and release it very slowly ticking is very quiet Ticking is...
  4. Galant Forum
    I bought a 04 Mitsubishi galant v6 3.8 automatic from an old lady. She told me the car just stopped on the freeway. Like there's no gears. And towed it to her house. She did take REALLY good care of it! Tons of regular maintenance! With paperwork. I bought it thinking I can fix it. I...
  5. Performance
    Hi, I have a 2010 lancer sportback with the 2.4L engine FWD automatic CVT transmission that I have to change (400xxx KM) on it. I have a hard time finding one, the dealers are telling me that I have to stick with a certain year of production so the fit is good, I am wondering if it's true or I...
  6. 3G (2000-2005) Eclipse
    2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT v6 Recently bought this car and the guy said he was done with it didnt have enough time to work on it and has a truck now, sold it for 1500, said it needed tune ups and there was a possible trans issue. I finished all the tune ups replacing filters fluids sparks etc...
  7. 9G (2004-Present) Galant
    Wanted to know if I need the filter for the oil change if not then how many quarts does it need and can I put any sp3 oil in the tranny? thanks
  8. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Hi, A resistor on this MR196694 has been burnt out, I am not sure what is value of it. Could anyone help me? Montero 1996 6G74 3.5L 24v DOHC AT V4AW3
  9. 2007 and Below Lancer
    I have a 2002 lancer. It shifts very hard when i put it into drive. And sometimes it slips out of 4th into 3rd and will not shift until i restart the car. The original computer did go bad a while back and it was replaced with one salvaged from a wrecked one. I hope someone can help.
  10. Lancer Forum
    I have a 2008 Lancer ES with a 5spd manual. I'm having a hard time finding parts for its transmission (I believe it is a F5MBB). I'm in need of a master overhaul kit w/ syncro rings, and 5th gear w/ retaining nut. Does anyone know a good source for transmission parts for these cars?
  11. General Discussion
    so, i’ve stumbled upon a 04 ralliart wagon with 152k miles & in all honesty i have no clue why it caught my eye. looks nice (ill post pictures below if i can) but when i went to go see it... it was leaking oil from where im guessing is the output shaft seal & the middle cross member had a...
  12. General Discussion
    I have a 2009 mitsubishi lancer es, automatic CTV transmission and I can drive normally, as fast as I want but for some reason my rpm gauge doesn’t shift. i’ve been up to 120 in my lancer so obviously the gears are shifting but when I floor it my rpms just slowly climb to 6 or 7 and stay there...
  13. Performance
    Hey everyone. My car (2013 Lancer SE) has just begun to throw the code for the TCC solenoid getting stuck open. I haven't noticed any changes in the way its driving yet but I've been talking to my main mechanic about it and he's saying it's almost a 10 hour job cause the Entire trans has to be...
  14. Lancer Forum
    I'm parting out my lancer after my ex has taken a few parts off of it and fried the computer on it. The engine is still good transmission is still good as well. It's missing that I know of the catalytic converter, needs the exhaust manifold put back on, needs a mass air flow intake sensor, has a...
  15. 2008+ Lancer
    Hi all, Forgive me if I'm not even posting this in the right spot, I just joined the forum, but I need some (quick) advice. I'm currently looking for a new car, I'm in college and found a Ralliart for sale about 5 hours away to which I would be able to afford payments by a small dealership...
1-15 of 15 Results