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  1. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    After a large rain storm came through I am now having electrical problems. Central locking not working, indicators & hazard lights not working, Headlights not turning off via the indicator arm, windscreen washer pump not working. Everything else appears okay. Air con works, car drivers, electric...
  2. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hello, everyone! I've got a 2009 Mitsubishi Triton with a 4M41 3.2 DID. It has got 144km on the Odo and I've started to notice a ticking sound when the engine is warm. Any ideas what might be causing this ticking noise when the engine is warm? I know that it has a timing chain. Does this...
  3. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hello everyone! I have a Triton 2020 (L200) VRX New Zealand Model, and have some questions regarding its menu and the fuel consumption feature. You can see above that the menu has an "Average fuel consumption" feature. However, I do not know if that average gets reseted every time the...
  4. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    I managed to snap one of the two mounting bolts holding the propshaft center bearing of my 2005 L200 K74T 4D56 (see attached pics). Any suggestions as to what is the best/easiest way to solve this issue?
  5. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hi I’m try to replace my crankshaft sensor on a 2010 diesel triton but I can’t seem to find we’re it’s located
  6. Montero, Challenger, Pajero & Shogun Forum
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the 2012 Challenger curtain airbags are compatible with Triton or Pajero? Thanks in advance.
1-6 of 6 Results