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  1. 9G (2004-Present) Galant
    So today I wanted to get a rotor and pads kit from rockauto and wanted to know what is a good kit for daily driving since I have little to no pad left I am deciding on kit on power stop z23 kit let me know thanks.
  2. Performance
    Hello! As stated in the title I am. New to this. I just recently got a 2010 lancer es with 150k miles and I believe it’s the 2.0 4b11 engine. I have recently been looking at buying my fathers Lexus gs300 because of 2jz blah blah whatever, I got the lancer instead and I was wondering how...
  3. General Discussion
    My first lancer was a Ralli art, this is my second one it’s a 2011 lancer doesn’t have to much power. Anyone have any suggested on upgrades I should do to start off????
  4. 2007 and Below Lancer
    Hey, I am upgrading My 2001 Mitsi lancer looking for some help finding parts. Looking for parts that can improve speed/handling would love some suggestions for : I am also thinking about making some exhaust upgrades later. any advice on parts would be awesome. Thank You. Edit: I live on the far...
1-4 of 4 Results