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  1. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    The Check Engine light and Traction Control Light (TCL) keep coming up together on my Verada 2003. I've heard this is something to do with one of the solenoids, but am unsure which one. Does anyone know more on this? TIA.
  2. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    Would the front bumper of a Magna 2004 fit the front of a Verada 2003? I know they are very similar, but wanted to make sure this will work. TIA.
  3. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    Ok so I'm looking to buy a Mitsubishi Verada in Australia and I understand they made a TJ/KJ model that was awd but I can't seem to find any in Australia for sale and really I'm kind of lost to even start searching for them. Was it even ever sold in Australia?
1-3 of 3 Results