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  1. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    Hey Everyone , I have an '01 V-RX ,5sp tippy.. And have a question about removing the selector button (T-bar / Gear knob) and accessing the plate below..(PRND etc) I want to change refinish the plate (which is usually chrome) and reverse the + & - on the tip tronic selector. I've looked through...
  2. Magna, Sigma, Verada & Diamante Forum
    Hi all! new to the forum and not exactly sure where to go next. I’m not heavily mechanically minded but I do know the basics here and there. so as of almost 2 weeks ago my Magna had an alternator that was failing, would still start with no issues but battery light kept flashing. After being...
  3. L200, Mighty Max, Strada & Triton Forum
    Hello everyone! I have a Triton 2020 (L200) VRX New Zealand Model, and have some questions regarding its menu and the fuel consumption feature. You can see above that the menu has an "Average fuel consumption" feature. However, I do not know if that average gets reseted every time the...
1-3 of 3 Results