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  1. 4G (2006+) Eclipse
    Both headlight assemblies on my 2010 Eclipse sprung leaks and corroded the OEM ballast connections in the HID headlights. I successfully repaired the RH assembly but destroyed the LH assembly, trying to get it apart (Don't ask). I've researched this issue for several months since the RH unit...
  2. Other Mitsubishi Models
    i have got a 2013asx early, but there are no parking sensors on it!! the switch key is there, in reverse mode the cluster shoes sonar sensors working. so i believe there past owner had changed the bumper and didn't installed parking sensors. i checked behind of bumper to find any thing about...
  3. 4G (2006+) Eclipse
    So I wanted to get some new headlights in my '09 Spyder GT because the old ones are no good (one is worse than the other). The only ones I can find for sale are the Halogen ones. My car came with the HID Xenon headlights installed. At this point I already have the Halogen lights but the...
  4. 7G (1994-1998) Galant
    Hello everybody, I'd like to wire an amp but I can't find any access points into the cabin from the engine bay like a lot of cars have. I'd prefer to avoid drilling a new hole if possible. Anybody have any ideas or should I just bite the bullet and get drilling?
1-4 of 4 Results