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04 Space Star Engine Oil

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Hi I got my mitsubishi space star in the this May, it is a good car. Nothing wrong in its drive or road comforts. It is a 1.9 DI –D diesel engine driven car. Actually it is my first diesel car… the thing that makes me feel worried…………. after a mileage of 2000 miles I got changed its engine oil it looks more black than the other petrole cars I have been using before. Is it a common thing with the deisel engines. I am here to know the answer. Allison
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Hi Allison
I am a user of Dieasel Cars and trucks from the last fifteen years. It is the common thing in dieasel Operated vehicles. But the proper change result always in good engien life and logitivity of the vehicle.:)
Thans billy......... can you explaine me a little what is the basic difference between a petrole driven car and a diesel driven car........
Hi :rolleyes:
Very simple but interesting question……… the diesel cars got diesel engines and vice versa, but functionality wise the torque is much better in Petrol engine driven cars.
Suppose if you got 1.3 liter diesel engine and 1.3 liter petrol engine liter the torque efficiency will be much better in the petrol engine.
But diesel engines have there own benefits as in many countries of the world the diesel is a cheaper fuel. That is why biggest engines like heavy trucks and Passenger buses got Diesel engines.
Anyways the Mitsu SportStar 1.9 deisel engine is a very good powerful engine. You cant feel a difference of petrol r diesel engine.
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