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Hey everyone. New user. Had my Lancer for 18 months, bought from my brother-in-law whose wife's mother bought it new. haha Never wrote that out.

Anyway. had the issue where the key wouldn't turn sometimes without a lot of screwing with it. Read online in many places that it was either the cylinder or switch. Started with the cylinder (Intermotor OEM, US512L) about a week ago, which improved it some, but more changed it. Before, getting the key out of position 1 (off) was the problem, now the key sticks between positions 1 and 2 (ACC), takes a small jiggle, then can usually turn it. Since that didn't fix it, changed out the ignition switch today with a basic Wells (LS1294), and no change at all.

First thought is maybe I got a defective ignition cylinder, but there are zero issues with it and the key turn when pulled out (uninstalled), so that makes me think no.

Biggest thing is every source for this calls it a common issue with these Lancers and says the cylinder or switch will fix it. No clue what's next, but tired of getting stuck in Texas summer heat trying to jiggle the key just right.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.
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