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2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS
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Question: I would like to know if being parked on a 30 degree angle driveway, nose pointing down, will help or hinder adding oil to the engine, because I may be low on engine oil? No way to check if my car is low on oil because I'm parked at an angle. Yet my car will crank but won't stay running?

History: A couple of weeks ago I changed my front brake pads. After installing them and giving them a second look, they seemed to be a little loose to me ( the pads that is). And then the next day driving to work I heard a slight knocking under the car driving on the freeway. But when I would step on the brakes the noise would go away. Then last weekend I changed my back brakes (pads as well). However the next day driving on the freeway I noticed the knocking was getting louder. And once again, stepping on the brakes would quite the knocking down. It sounded to me like the piston wasn't pushing the brake pad up against the rotor. So later that day I rechecked the guide and lock pins and made sure they were put in correctly. I write this to say this, I have been hearing that knocking for about a week and a half and yesterday when I stopped at the gas station, I was in park and I could hear the knocking clearly. So I am assuming that I might have been low on oil. And maybe that noise was coming from my lifters. Yes I'm late getting my oil change done by many miles but I had to still drive over an hour up hill to get home.
So today I added 2 quarts of oil and STP oil treatment but because I'm parked in the driveway, which has a 30 to 35 degree angle and I'm parked nose down, I'm assuming that is the reason why my car will not stay running. I don't know, I live in the mountains and until you get on the highway all the roads are basically going down hill or uphill. Any advice I will take any suggestions as well.
Thank you ahead of time.
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