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Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards, so pardon anything that I say that might seem "noobish."

I just picked up a '15 Evo X GSR, with 8k on it, which I'm already loving, but I'm noticing something when shifting that isn't what I'm used to; when I go into gear, I often hear what sounds like a mechanical "clunk," not really a grind or anything (I sure know what that sounds like), but it just doesn't seem smooth. When I'm extra firm with the clutch, pinning it to the bottom with more vigor, this doesn't seem to happen. I also don't hear it when downshifting via the double-clutch technique.

So, .1) What is this?
2.) Should I be concerned?
2.b) If so, what should I do?

Thank you very much, I look forward to my time here!

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Well ... I am assuming it´s a stick ... if not please correct me.

Clunk could be the synchronising rings worn out ... but since yours is new.
Other option would be the clutch not fully disengaged.

Service manual in english

Take a look and see if you can adjust the clutch - maybe you just have to get rid of carpet underneath pedal ?
I mean any extra carpet - not the original.

If this is your first stick - make sure your hand goes to stick after you press clutch pedal.
And another reason for a clunk is if you pull too hard on stick - meaning too fast.
Nice and easy does it - your synchronizing rings live a lot longer.
I´ve heard people ruining the rings after 20.000 miles - they learnt the hard way.
Take out trans - take apart trans completely - swap rings - put together with right tolerances .... costs a lot.
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