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Hi everyone. 3 months ago I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a 1979 Lancer Colt in the Philippines. My first ever Mitsubishi and my first ever carbureted car.

Everything about the car is original, from the bumpers, windshield, panels, interior, working gauges, working AC, and the original 1400 Saturn engine with 4 speed transmission. Since purchasing it I have done the following not in order:

1) new tires
2) oil change to (full synthetic) and brake fluid
3) cleaned the carb
4) cleaned the fuel tank
5) new fuel pump (old one was gunked up from dirty fuel tank which also clogged up the carb)
6) replaced all the hoses (old cracked hoses was causing oil go into the air cleaner, good thing I caught it before it go into the carb)
7) New battery
8) replaced alternator and belt
9) cleaned (as best as I could) the water pump, radiator and new gasket

Since then I have driven her over 1000 miles on road trips through cities, mountains, beaches, and farmlands both paved and dirt roads. Among the Top 3 cars I’ve ever owned.

My questions:

1) What is a good water/coolant mixture for cars of this vintage? In the Philippines where the coldest it gets is 82 F at night, people just tend to use water which not only evaporates faster but also corrodes internals.
2) I’d like to raise the ride height, particularly since roads here range from crap to unpaved. What suspension set up would your recommend? It still has leaf springs in the rears.
3) would like some guidance on how to properly tune the engine, specifically the carb. All sources I see online reference nothing on Saturn motors and I don’t want to screw it up.
4) Would it make sense to change the top mounted air cleaner to a DIY intake?
5) What modifications can I add to increase power (particularly low end tourque) reliably? I assume the motor has anywhere from 80-90 of the original 95 HP (able to hit 100 MPH no problem on the 4 speed) but would like to increase that to 140-160 bhp keeping the original motor and trans without having to port and polish the internals and put too much stress on the transmission and driveshaft. Key here is keeping the original motor.
6) Recommendations on ideal brake setup.

Sorry for the long post and many questions, but I’d appreciate the guidance. I’d like to increase the performance on the car but most importantly keep it reliable, it is afterall my daily driver ?
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