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I have been looking for a spare inner rack end pair to replace on my Colt for a long time.

I have a 1989 Colt RE hatchback, 1.6 litre. The right tyre is shaking a bit and my mechanic told me we need to replace the rack ends. and he also mentioned, he wasnt able to find the part so I ve been looking for one for a while now.

I actually ordered it twice but what they have sent me is different than what is in my car. I m not sure if previous owner did some dodgy work and changed things or if that is even possible or I have a special case where both of the shops have a wrong database.

here is what I have in the car:

Here is what I have been sent and had to return:
Font Rectangle Cylinder Metal Machine

I am kinda desperate at the moment, emailed pretty much every place I could find and got either no response or same as above the wrong part.

Can anyone enlighten me, what should I do, what are my options? I am in australia btw, if there is anyway I can order the part, from overseas wherever I will go for it.



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Could you please take a photo of the compliance & data plates, which will have the model/engine code and manufacture date?

They will be on the firewall(just in front of the windscreen), next to the bonnet catch IIRC.

Upload to the forum.
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